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The ball will almost always be considered playable even if it hits the ceiling. However, if it hits the ceiling while going over the net to the other side of the court, the team whose side the ball was entering (i.e. not the team who hit it into the ceiling) will get a point.

This is for several reasons. If, on the first hit, a player bumps the ball into the ceiling, it is that teams fault, and therefore that teams responsibility to get that ball that is now coming down at a completely different angle due to its collision with the ceiling. However, if the ball is passed over the net and hits the ceiling, the team who passed it over has made it difficult for the other team to retrieve it. In other words, teams would be purposefully making the ball hit the ceiling to make it difficult for their opponents. That is why a point is awarded to the opposing team if the ball hits the ceiling on its way to the other side of the net.

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Q: Why can't the volleyball hit the ceilling?
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