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If a horse falls in a race it usually is extremely bad. The rest of the horses will keep running but the horse or horses that have fallen most likely are to badly injured and have to be humanly euthanized. There are some cases where the horses do survive and can be healed but to tell you the truth there aren't many.

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Q: What happens if all horses fall in a race?
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What is the birthday of all race horses?

all race horses have the same birthday January first

How many horses in a race?

it all depends on the race.

What horses can race?

any at all

How many horses count in four horse race?

A total of 48 horses will be counted in all four horse race.

How much horses race in a race...All of the horse races in a race.?

Large races like the Kentucky Derby allows 20 horses. The average number for smaller races is 8 to 10 horses.

How old do you have to be to race horses?

To compete in a race with Thoroughbred race horses the min age is 16. see: for all the rules and regulations 2008-09

What is a race horses gaits?

Race horses only have a couple of speeds, fast and faster. During a race the horse uses the fastest gallop he has. Lope, canter or gallop, they are all a three-beat gait.

How do horse race callers know the names of all the horses?

the people in the top box have a sheet with all the names and numbers of the horses

What happens if all of the horse riders are not on all of the horses at a horse school?

Its ok if all the horses are not being ridden, but they will have to be ridden later.

How tall is a race horse in feet?

You usually measure a horse in hands(one hand is equivalent to 10 cm). All race horses are different sizes, although most of them are horses not ponies.

In Howrse what race needs your horses dressage?

All the races use dressage.

Did any horses get hurt in the filming of he last Samari?

No, all horses are trained to fall and alot of the scenes are done with special effects.

How long does it take for horse teeth to fall out?

Usually horses teeth wont fall out, unless the horse is very old, or has had an injury that makes his/her teeth get knocked out. I would say about 30+ years for a horses teeth to just fall out, if they fall out at all.

Are all race horses thoroughbreds?

No, there is Arabian, Appaloosa, Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, American Paint Horses, and mutt races. I know this because I am a horse racing freak. I keep a log on all TB race horses that have a chance in the big races (Kentucky Derby, Melbourne Cup, Belmont Stakes, etc...)

What is the official horse birthday?

The official birthday for all race horses is January first

Do horses race around before a violent storm?

Horses do not race around BEFORE a storm. Some horses will get fresh if they experience a gust of wind, esp. if it is cooler on a hot day. And sometimes a group of horses can be startled by a close bolt of lightening or loud clap of thunder. Otherwise they take it all in stride.

Do a race horse or a normal horse live longer?

they live about the same amount of years. some race horses might live longer because they are in better physical shape, but for the most part, all horses live 20+ years

How would selective breeding be used to improve the racing ability of horses?

Selective breeding would ensure that all the racing horses would be of higher quality. Breeders could only breed horses with racing qualities to make race horses.

Were does the idtarod race start and end?

The race starts in Anchorage and ends in Nome. This all happens in Alaska, f.y.i.

How do you learn Handicapping in Racing?

Handicapping is simple. It is when horses of all abilties race together. The best horses with more chance of winning will carry more weight and the horses with less chance of winning will carry less. This is set so that they all have an even chance of winning.

How did Drosselmeyer win the 142nd Belmont Stakes - the last race of the Triple Crown?

He out rode all the other horses.

What happens to objects that fall from space towards earth?

they all fall back into space like gravity.

Why is the Arabian horse known as the father of all race horses?

The Arabian horse is one of the oldest breeds of horse.Its bloodlines are in almost all racehorses.

What kingdom do domestic cats fall under?

All cats fall under Kingdom Animalia. So do dogs, pigs, horses, giraffes, elephants, etc.

Why do thoroughbred horses have the same birthday?

Because thoroughbreds are raced according to age (IE- the Kentucky Derby is a race for 3 year olds), they all have the same "birthday" of January 1st of the year they were born in. This alleviates confusion when entering horses in races since all horses born in a certain year are eligable for the races for their age group. For example, all horses born in 2010 will race as a 2 year old in 2012 in any 2yr old race regardless of when they were born in 2010. Most breeders will try to breed so their foals are born as close to January 1st (but not before) as possible so they are not handicapped when its time to race. If a horse is born on 31 Dec it is automatically a year old the next day and there for will technically be a year younger than the other horses it will race against as a 2 and 3 year old. This is not desirable in racehorses.