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the people in the top box have a sheet with all the names and numbers of the horses

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โˆ™ 2010-10-01 11:40:05
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Q: How do horse race callers know the names of all the horses?
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actually many do know there names I know a horse named coco if you put her out to pasture and call her name she will come trotting over. Or if you walk up to a horse's stall and say their name many with lift their heads.

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some horse owners do not know and some are aware of what is happening to their horses.

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you ask about my horse or your horse

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I don't know but "my horse club " questions should be under gaming not horses. thank you have a nice day :)

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Yes horses are herbivores, because did you ever see a horse that eats meat? You ever see a horse eat steak?

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I know that one of the horses is Saphire but i dont know the rest

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Your money goes down and the horse appers in the My Horses tab.

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If you don't know enough about horses to be able to tell, you probably shouldn't have a horse.

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If you know anything about horses, you know they eat grass. Grass (and all plants) is a producer, so horses are herbivores.

How difficult is it to train horses?

With younger, untrained horses, it can be very difficult. With older, well trained horses, it can be very easy. To work with horses, you need to understand their thinking, know how to outsmart them, and it is a definite plus to be strong and to have professional help. So to make working with horses easier, you need to know alot about them and be very dedicated. If you do not know about horses, are not dedicated and/or you do not have a profesional to help you learn, working with horses can be nearly impossible.

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Ummm. I don't know, HORSE MEAT!

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At a livestock or horse auction, but be sure you know what you're doing and check the horses beforehand. Know the price of horse meat because that will be your bottom line.