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The ref will toss the ball, whoever gets it first takes it. Three tosses per pair if both players keep catching the ball at the same time, then the two C's get to take the toss/s.

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Q: What happens if 2 netball players catch the ball excacly?
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How do you catch a ball in netball?

High jumps to retrieve the ball.

How do you catch a ball in netball effectively?

High jumps to retrieve the ball.

Can a netball catch an latios?

Yes but it has a very low rate of success

What skills does catching a netball involve?

when passing a netball you have to throw from the chest if you want a good pass

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What is rebounding?

Football: Rebounds are when football players shoot at the goal, hits the goal frame or keeper and come back out the goal. A player could then take the oppurtunity to shoot again. Netball: Rebounds are when netball players are shooting in the goal. If they miss and the ball misses the ring, they are allowed to catch the ball and have another shot. If the ball hits the ring and then the player catches the ball, then they are not immedietly allowed to shoot again.

Why do you have to be tall to play the goalkeeper in netball?

You dont have to be tall to be the gk it's just better to be tall so you can get the rebounds and block the shooters goal However, being tall can help you catch interceptions more easily and might put more pressure on the other players when you defend them.

Are you allowed to dribble once in netball?

No, it's a no contact game but you can intercept passes :)

Why is strength important in netball?

Because without them it is hard to become a really successful player. I've seen excellent shooters, don't miss a goal, but they didn't know the skills needed for working in the goal circle, so they missed out on becoming a really good players. But don't worry the skills are really easy to learn and master!

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