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Q: What happen if the volleyball hits the floor during the game?
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How many umpires are there on volleyball ground?

There are usually 2 referees in a volleyball game. One is on the stand and one is on the floor.

Can you assist a serve during a volleyball game?


What does a volleyball coach do?

A volleyball coach: -Runs practices -Creates a rotation for the players during the game

What is the object of the game for volleyball?

The object of the game is to serve the ball over the net and touch the floor on the other side to score a point. If you serve the volleyball over the net and it hits the floor inside of the boundary lines- its called an ace.

How much do you run during a volleyball game?

During a volleyball game you don't have to run very much.But you must have good agility to change directions very quickly.

Wate is volleyball?

Volleyball is a game played between two teams on a court divided in half by a net. Each team has 6 players on each side at a time. Substitutions can be made during the game. The point of the game is to have the volleyball never touch the floor on your side of the court and to get the ball over the net to go inside of the opponent's side of the court.

The best about the game of volleyball?

now i am currently playing volleyball and the best thing about the game is being competitive and having fun doing what you like to do best during the game.

When did Mintonette become volleyball?

Within two years after the game was invented (volleyball was invented in 1895). Observers picked up on the rule that the ball could not touch the floor and began calling the game 'volley ball' which was eventually changed to 'volleyball'.

How many players are on court during a volleyball game?

6 people

What are the objectives of volleyball game?

objectives of the game volleyball

How many players compete on an indoor volleyball team during a game?


Is subbing for the server allowed during a volleyball game?

yes i think so

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