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Q: What football team did John Madden coach prior to his career as a tv football announcer?
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What football team did John Madden coach prior to his tv career?

John Madden was the head coach of the Oakland Raiders from 1969-1978.

Who did john madden coach after raiders?

He didn't coach anywhere. He went to be a TV announcer.

Did John Madden play football and coach and comment?


What football team di John Madden coach?

The Oakland Raiders

Why is John Madden so famous?

John Madden first became famous as the coach of the Oakland Raiders in the National Football League. He was an excellent coach, and his team won the Super Bowl in 1977. After his coaching career, he became a broadcaster for NFL games, and he was the top commentator on TV for 30 years. In addition, EA Sports created a football video game and named it after Madden. Madden NFL has been the biggest-selling video game in history.

Which teams did Javier Aguirre coach in his career?

Javier Aguirre was a coach to many different teams in his career. He was the coach of the Mexican national football team and well as for the Madrid team.

How do you play a season on Madden 13?

go to the play career option, and then either select coach or player.

Who is the coach and announcer on American Idol?

Coach: Jimmy and Announcer: Ryan Seacrest Is that what you wanted?

What did Ron English achieve in his career?

Ron English was best known for his work as an American Football player. He achieved many things in his career playing football and becoming a football coach later in his career.

Who has the most career wins as South Carolina's football coach?

mr nibom

For how many years was Lou Holtz a football coach?

Lou Holtz was a football coach for a total of 33 years, beginning his career as an assistant coach. He began his roll of head coach in 1969 and finished in 2004.

Where did Les Miles start his coaching career?

Les Miles, known for his nickname "The Mad Hatter" is an American College Football coach and the current head coach of the LSU football team. He started his career at Michigan.

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