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Football coaching is extremely difficult and the coach should be experienced in coaching. Preferably the coach will have already worked as an assistant or even as coach for another team prior to becoming coach for another team.

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Q: What kind of experience does one need for a career in football coaching?
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What kind of experience does one need to apply for football coach jobs?

Depending on the level of the coaching position you'll need some experience either playing or coaching at lower levels. Most coaches begin by coaching young kids or through assistant coaching positions. To get high level coaching positions experience and a winning record are needed.

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There is no specific degree required for coaching basketball. The more important thing is that the candidate should have solid experience and knowledge of basketball.

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Go to career, the website list many organizations and different certifications. It provides a lot of good details and thorough explanations so that you can have an idea of just what kind of coaching you would like to go into.

What is the best major in college to become a football coach?

I am a football coach and i can tell you from experience that Physical education is the best major or any kind of education to teach your players.

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What kind of degree do you need to coach football?

There is no required Degree.No degree is needed. Practical experience is almost the only qualification; knowing names is the other.

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