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Everton and arsenal

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Q: What football club is not named after a city or town?
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Is they English football club is not named after a town or city?

Port Vale

What is mons?

The town hosts a football club named R.A.E.C mons

Which football team has the worst hooligans?

Milwall , Cardiff City , Swansea City ,Witham Town Football Club and TOTTENHAm

Is Arsenal a city or town?

It is not a place. It is the name of a football club in the area known as Holloway, which is in London.

When was the Ipswich Town football club formed?

The Ipswich Town Football Club located in Ipswich, Suffolk is an English professional football team. It was formed in 1878 and joined the Football League in 1938.

Where is Bury Town FC located?

Bury town FC are a football team that play Non league football. The club is located in the North West of the United Kingdom near the city of Manchester.

Where in Australia is the city or town named letter?

There is no city or town in Australia named "Letter".

What states have a town or city named Wilmington?


What is the newest football league club?

Fleetwood Town

The nickname of Mansfield Town Football Club?

the stags

Where might one get the latest information on Ipswich Town Football Club online?

The best place someone can get the latest information on lpswich Town Football Club online would be the UK website ITFC which is the site for the football club. Another place to get information about the football club is the twitter page for the club Official_ITFC.

What football team Did Adolf Hitler support?

grimsby town football club

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