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yes french clubs and English clubs example :psg (french) and arsenal(English)

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Q: Is there a football club that sells footballs?
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Is there a football club that sells fairtrade products?

the genisis football club

Does football use footballs?

Yes it does use footballs.

What is the plural for football?

The plural of football is footballs.

How many footballs can fit on a football field?

200 footballs

What are footballs used for?

football games

What is footballs original name?


Which company sells the most tickets of Barcelona Football club home games?

The company that sells the most tickets to Barcelona Football Club home games is FC Barcelona. This is because they are the official seller of these tickets.

Who makes all footballs?

The footballs used by the National Football League are made by Wilson.

Do football teams stamp their name into footballs?


What do football teams spend their money on?


What football team has a sailing ship and footballs logo?

Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama, one of the top clubs in Brazil.

How many footballs are needed in a game of football?

One football is required for a game of football.

Are footballs really pigskin?

Not todays footballs, however in the early ages of football, the ball was made of pigskin

What size football is used in Middle School football in Alabama?

the tdy footballs

When does football start?

Footballs awesome and normally it comes out on

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Which is larger NFL football or college football?

Both footballs are the same length, but the college footballs are wider for the sports and not the balls college football has more teams but nfl has more money

What is a group of footballs called?

A group of footballers is a team off 11 men , who all go out on to a pitch to play football with the objective of scoring enough goals to win. They are called a football club...

Where are National Football League footballs manufactured?

All NFL footballs are manufactured in the Wilson Sporting Goods football factory in Ada, Ohio. It is the only football manufacturing facility in the US, and has been making NFL footballs in the same building since 1955. The entire process is done by hand and they produce about 4,000 footballs a day.

How many Footballs are used in a football game?

obviously one football! i play on a girl's football league!

Who invented footballs?

The first football was made of pig guts

How many footballs are needed for nfl football game?


What color is a football?

Most Footballs are brown with white markings