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Q: Which English football clubs have the largest fan base?
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What competition format does the English Premier League use?

English Premier League is an association for football clubs. These football clubs run under the system of promotion and relegation. Promotion and relegation means that a team can be transferred to another division base on there yearly performance.

Which football club has largest fan base?

The English club Manchester united has the largest fan base in the world, Real Madrid comes second.

Which Scottish football club has the largest fan base?

celtic football club are the most supported scottish football team

Which football clubs have the biggest fan base in sweden?

AIK Solna, Hammarby, Djurgården, Malmö, IFK Göteborg

What Italian football club has the largest fan base?

Juventus has the largest fan base of any Italian Football club inside and outside of Italy. It is estimated that there are more than 170 million Juventus fans worldwide.

Which football club has the largest fan base as of 2011?

Manchester United

Which British football teams have the largest fan base?

Probably Manchester United.

Which football club has the largest fan base in Africa?

Kumasi Asante Kotoko FC from Ghana has d largest fan base in Africa and one of the largest in the world. Since its a traditional club, it can bost of about 7 million home fan base alone.

How many spanish players have played for arsenal?

The Arsenal F.C. is an English football club that have its base in Holloway, North London and was founded in 1886 and is one of the most successful clubs of English football. There had been several players from diverse nationalities along its history, but among those who had played more than 100 matches and are from Spain there are Mikel Arteta, Jose Antonio Reyes, Manuel Almunia and Cesc Fabregas.

What English premier league club have highest number of fans?

in terms of English clubs Manchester united has the highest fan base around the world. in terms of world clubs, Barcelona tops the list followed by real Madrid and Manchester united F C.

Which football club has the largest traveling fan base?

1-Real Madrid With 183 millions fan

Why are Southampton football club so bad?

The reason certain clubs are not as good as other clubs often comes down to location, money and fan base. Any club can get better as they attract better players or even practice more.

Was wheelus afb ever the largest OR 2nd largest base in the world?

It was the largest base.

What is the most famous football club in the world?

The world's most famous football club is Manchester United, it has the largest fan base and is also considered to be the world's most valuable football club due to it's unrivalled ability to make money.

What are the top 10 soccer clubs in the UK with the largest fan base?

Arsenal, Leeds, Manchester United, Chelsea, West Ham, Liverpool, Manchester City, Bolton, Portsmouth and Newcastle UTD.

Largest air force base?

Wright Patterson Air Force base is the largest air force base in America. Edwards Air Force base is the 2nd largest base in America.

Which football club has the largest fan base?

Manchester United have the most registered fan on any database accounting people associated with any football club worldwide, 2008 figure was 412 million. ( 412,000,000 )

How big is sunderland football clubs fan base?

Massive a lot bigger than you would think.passionate its in the blood.sunderland fans and the northeast fans in general safc and nufc are the best fans in english football.starved of success never won anything since your grandad was born but still get massive crowds even in the championship.massive away followings too.

Which soccer club has the largest international fan base?

The English club Manchester United comes first, followed by Real Madrid.

Who are the top 10 best supported football clubs in world?

i don't know about world football.... but by supporter base Real Madrid are by far the biggest, 50% of football fans in south America class Real Madrid as their first or 2nd team. Manchester United and Barcelona are probably 2nd although you can't really count the fan base.... the majority of the abroad united fans barely any knowledge of the game.

Which team has the largest fan base?

Fc Porto has the largest fan base in the world

What soccer clubs have a punk fan base?

St. Pauli

Which was a major navel base in world war 2?

The Army camps in the Philippines consisted of the largest army base and the Pearl Harbor Naval base was the largest IN the Pacific but the largest Naval Base was in San Diego, California and still is the largest one on the west coast.

Who are the largest football clubs in England?

In terms of stadium capacity Old Trafford (Manchester United; 75,797 capacity), followed by Emirates Stadium (Arsenal; 60,361 capacity), then St James' Park (Newcastle United. 52,409). In terms of the richest is is probably Arsenal. followed by Chelsea and then Liverpool. In terms of rankings - success, fan size base and influence then it is probably Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and then Chelsea.

Where is the World's largest naval base?

The world's largest naval base is located in Norfolk, Virginia.