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Try these three exercises to improve your fitness level for tennis. Run the lines - Place 5 tennis balls at the base of the net. Place your racquet on the ground covering the baseline. Start at the baseline and sprint to the net. Retrieve one ball, sprint back to the baseline, and place the ball on your racquet. Repeat this process until all 5 tennis balls are on your racquet. Side Shuffle - Stand on the baseline and turn your body at a right angle to the net. Side shuffle up to the net, touch the net, and return back to the baseline. Do this five times in a row. Keep your knees bent when you side shuffle. Quick Jumps - Place your racquet on the ground with your feet next to the base of your tennis grip. Jump across your racquet grip as quick as you can. Do this 15-20 times. Try these drills to improve your endurance, muscles, and fitness for tennis.

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Q: What fitness drills should you do for tennis?
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There are no fitness requirements.

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Speed, Endurance and Strength are important for tennis.

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I think a level of fitness you need is to do a lot of practical sports in order to be a qualified tennis lime umpire.

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The fitness is the same because it involves running and moving around.

Why do you need any great degree of physical fitness?

You should have physical exercise to play continuously for almost an hour or so. you should have stamina to keep up. you should have strength in hands to finish easy balls. so you should have great physical fitness to play tennis.

What are the components of fitness required for tennis?

agility, speed, anaerobic fitness, aerobic fitness, power, strength, flexibility and body size and composition

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Heyy You

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juggling, hitting a tennis ball

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None, I believe

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Yes this is a true statement as any form of exercise even things such as gardening can improve fitness.

What fitness components are needed in tennis?

in tennis you need to be extra fit and strong as you will have to hit the ball hard and you need to run around alot.

What is so amazing about tennis?

=it keeps your fitness at a high level and is a good social event=

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eat any diet that are not oil foods

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