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Soccer ball, a reasnobly even ground, soccer studs and balls to take the lunges and tackles.

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Q: What equipment do you need in soccer?
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What kind of equipment do i need for a soccer match?

Cleats, shinguards, soccer ball.

What equipment do you need for indoor soccer?

Field equipment needed for an indoor soccer match includes 2 soccer goals and a soccer ball. Player equipment includes indoor soccer cleats, clothing (soccer socks, shorts, jersey), and shin guards. You should never play soccer without shin guards.

What equipment is needed for high school soccer?

you would need soccer balls, and uniforms. also a field!

What equipment do you need to play soccer?

You'll need shorts, t-shirt, soccer socks, soccer ball, shin guards, cleats, water incase you get thirsty.

What equipment do soccar players need to play?

Soccer ball, soccer cleats, shin gaurds, soccer socks. A field and a net too.

What equipment is needed for soccer?

You need socks, shin guards, a uniform and cleats.

Will a soccer player need to bring his own equipment?

Generally is provided by team or facility.

What is the training equipment for soccer?

You dont need to go out in the store to buy them. you can use anything! If you want to get serious with training you might want to get soccer balls, cones, and if you look in some eurosport magazines they have equipment for soccer that are really useful.

How do you be a goalie in soccer?

To be a goalie in soccer you need to have 1. gloves 2. soccer equipment 3. good reflexes You basically need to stand in front of a goal in where people on the opposite team must score in.

What equipment do you need to play soccer on a traveling soccer team?

usually you need a tee shirt, soccer shorts, shin guards, soccer socks, cleats, and a soccer ball. Some teams will give you a practice jersey which you will be expected to wear specifically for their practices.

What equipment do the players need in order to play soccer?

shirts,shorts,shinguards,socks,and cleats

What safety equipment do you need in soccer?

Just shin pads and a good pair of boots for stability and protection.

What do you need for certain sports?

equipment wise, this is what you need. soccer = shinguards baseball = mitt hockey = stick and helmet lax (lacrosse) = stick and helmet tennis = racket football = helmet basketball = you don't need equipment not equipment wise you need 1 thing SKILL!!

What do some consider to be the most important soccer equipment?

cleats, shinguards, socks, uniform, ball, goals, and refs. (Refs in soccer our considered soccer equipment.)

What are the basic equipment in playing soccer?

2 goals and a soccer ball.EASY

What equipment does an assistant referee need for soccer?

An assistant referee DOES NOT need a whistle. They need a uniform (shirt, shorts, socks) and an assistant referee flag. That's pretty much it... oh, and soccer cleats will probably help!

What equipment do you not use in soccer?

The stuff one needs for soccer are: goals, jersies, goalkeeper gloves, a pitch, and people. All the other stuff in the world you don't need

What are some names of soccer equipment?


What kind of soccer equipment?

There are mainly 2 kinds of soccer equipment - Player Equipment and Field Equipment. Player equipment consists of kit,boots and shin pads. Field equipment consists of the net, the goal posts, the markings, the grass, the flags etc.

Why is soccer a favorite sport in Argentina?

Generally speaking, soccer is an economical and readily available game to organize. All you need is a soccer ball. In comparison, American football requires equipment such as helmets, padding, etc...

Why do people need safety equipment in soccer?

to protect their shins from getting broken when someone slide tackles them with their spikes up!

What objects are used in soccer?

All you really need is a soccer ball. The only body equipment you need is shin guards and sometimes a mouth guard(not always). You don't need any helmets or pads or anything except for shin guards that is what makes soccer so simple. anyone can play it.I HEART SOCCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!go d.c. unitednew England revolution

What equipment does a soccer goalie need?

Besides normal soccer clothing, shinguards, and a shirt that is of different color than the two teams playing and the other goalie. Gloves are useful, but are not required.

How do you become a more aggressive soccer player?

To become a more aggressive soccer player,you first need to become more focused on your game . you need to also not be intimidated by the oppissition. you also may need to get "better" equipment to build your confidence. go get em.

Why do you need equipment to play soccer?

You need a shirt and shorts for basic dignity, shin guards to prevent leg fractures (which still happen), and boots to protect your feet.