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There are many peices of equipment needed in soccer but one of the most important ones has to be shinguards.

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Q: What is a good topic sentence for one piece of equipment needed for soccer is shin guard?
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Is there a point guard in soccer?

no only in basketball

What equipment is neeeded for hockey?

Skates, socks, hockey socks (a.k.a. legwarmers XD), jocks, knee pads, hockey pants, jersey, neck guard, helmet, mouthguard, chest protector, and elbow pads are needed in hockey, but more equipment is needed for goalies.

What is needed to play football?

everything like soccer no a football helmet, a practice jersey and a game jersey, football cleets, mouth guard, and sometimes replacements for the cleets

What objects are used in soccer?

All you really need is a soccer ball. The only body equipment you need is shin guards and sometimes a mouth guard(not always). You don't need any helmets or pads or anything except for shin guards that is what makes soccer so simple. anyone can play it.I HEART SOCCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!go d.c. unitednew England revolution

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In soccer what is it called when you guard one player?

its called shadowing

What is the equivalent to a basketball guard in soccer?

There is none but Attacker is the closest thing

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What types of accessories are needed for football players?

Football players need a lot of accessories and equipment to play. They need a mouth guard, helmet, thigh, hip, shoulder, and knee padding, and gloves.

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