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Q: What drugs factors can affect sports training and performance?
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What stress factors can affect sports training and performance?

Some are a death in the family, a problem at home or financial problems

Can you Describe the effects of psychological factors on sports training and performance?

btec sport

Describe the effects of psychological factors on sports training and performance?

not quite that clever

What psychological factors can affect sports performance?

pressure, diet, depression

Explain how lifestyle factors affect the performance of a sports person?

im not telling you

How can Lack of access to sports facilities affect sports training and performance?

not having the facilites such as a gym or resources that let you train in your area

How does drinking alcohol affect your sports training and performance?

Alcohol consumption leads to nerve disorders and also Jaundice. Under such conditions the person becomes unfit for any stress-laid physical activities. So drinking alcohol does affect the sports training and performance

How can dehydration affect a sports persons performance?

If you have dehydration, you become lightheaded and sometimes black out so it could make you lousy in the sport or the sports training.

How can carbohydrates affect sports performance?

if we eat carbohydrates most gives us energy and affect the sports performance

How does smoking affect sports training and performance?

Sports training and sports performance is greatly affected by smoking in several ways. Smoking reduces fitness. It does this in a number of ways, chiefly by reducing the amount of oxygen available in the body. Since oxygen plays a major role in energy production, even a minor depletion has an impact on physical performance.

How can culture effect your sports performance?

It can affect your sport's performance by the characteristics you have that affect play.

How can wearing jewelry affect sports performance?

Wearing jewelleries might affect sports performance because you might hit someone with that jewellery

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