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Q: What dose Roger federes tennis racquet have in common with a pair of skis?
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How quick is Roger Federer with the tennis racquet?

um probaly 300 mph

What tennis racket is Pete Sampras using?

Roger Federer plays with the Wilson BLX Six.One Tour, a racquet that is customized separately to further suite Roger's wishes. Roger's racquet has a built in dampening system along with some weight modifications.

What does roger feeders tennis rackets have in common with ski?


When did Roger Federer start playing tennis?

According to Wikipedia (refer to the link, below), Roger Federer started his professional tennis career in July 1998 at just under 17 years of age.

When was Roger Smith - tennis - born?

Roger Smith - tennis - was born on 1964-01-20.

When was Roger Taylor - tennis - born?

Roger Taylor - tennis - was born on 1941-10-14.

Why is Roger Federer a tennis player?

Because TENNIS desreves HIM....

Who has won the most tennis majors?

Roger Federer

Who has won the most tennis titles in the World Tennis Association?

Roger federer

Who was the best player in lawn tennis?

Roger federer is the best player of tennis

Who is tennis star Roger Federer's brother?

Roger Federer doesn't have a brother

What are the names of famous people with the first name roger?

· Roger Federer (tennis)