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Roger Federer doesn't have a brother

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Q: Who is tennis star Roger Federer's brother?
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When was tennis star Roger Federer born?

August 8, 1981

What age did tennis star Roger Federer start playing tennis?

Roger Federer started playing tennis at the age of eight and played professionally under the age of 17 in 1998

What is tennis star Roger Federer's girlfriend's name?

Miroslava "Mirka" Vavrinec but she is now his wife.

Where does tennis star Roger Federer live now?

Wollerau, Switzerland. He moved there from Oberwil in March 2008.

Exactly how many times has tennis star Roger Federer won Wimbledon?

As of March 2010, he has won it a total of 6 times.

Which tournament has Swiss tennis star Roger Federer won six times?

Wimbledon, Us Open and A few more I think.

Is tennis star Roger Federer considered to be famous?

Yes. Roger Federer has a great many fans around the world and is for the most part assumed to be famous all over. He may not be famous with all, but he is known enough to be considered a super star.

Is Roger Federer a sports star?

He is a Tennis Superstar , and has won more trophies than I can remember. His name will live on in the record books long after he retires, which will not be anytime soon.

Do p-star have a brother?

no p-star does not have a brother

Who is the boyfriend of tennis star Maria Sharapova?

Women's tennis champion Maria Sharapova reportedly is dating Bulgarian tennis star Grigor Dimitrov.

Who is famous tennis star Serena Williams sister?

Venus Williams also a famous tennis star. Hope this is what you wanted.

What are the release dates for Roger Star - 2009?

Roger Star - 2009 was released on: USA: 29 August 2009 (limited)

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