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Roger Federer

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Q: Who has won the most tennis majors?
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Who has won 16 majors in tennis?

Roger Federer

Who has been Australia's most sucsuful tennis champ?

Rod Laver is a former Australian tennis champion. He has won most single titles in history (200). He has also won 11 grand slam tournaments and has won all four majors in a single year twice. In 1969 he became the one and only player to achieve this feat in open era. He is by far the most accomplished Aussie tennis champion.

What country has won the most golf majors?


Who has won the most tennis titles in the World Tennis Association?

Roger federer

Who won the mens singles wimbledon tennis majors in 1967?

The "Gentlemen's" singles title was won by John Newcombe, of Australia, in straight sets - 6-3, 6-1, 6-1.

Who won the most tennis title in history?


In Tennis who has won the most times?

Andy Murray

Winner at 19 women's tennis majors?

Steffi Graf with 22, therefore also have 19 majors.

Tennis player who has won most cups?

roger federer

Who won 1907 tennis?

Who won WHAT in 1907 tennis

What female has won the most Grand Slams in men's tennis?

er - women do not play men's tennis

What caddie has won the most major golf tournaments?

Steve Williams (Tiger Woods's former caddy). With Tiger, he won 13 majors tournaments.