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It means Captain and the A stands for Alternative Captain.

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Q: What does the C stand for on an NHL hockey jersey?
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What does the c stand for on a hockey jersey?


Which word starts with c and stands for a hockey players jersey?

Captain's jersey - The letter C on a hockey player's jersey identifies the player as being the team Captain.

What does the 'CH' stand for on the Montreal Candiens hockey jersey?

The 'C' stands for Canadiens, the 'H' stands for 'Hockey', as in 'Club de hockey Canadien', the official name of the team. English: Canadien hockey club.

What does C mean in a hockey jersey?

it means captain

What does the letter on an ice hockey jersey stand for?

The 'C' stands for "Captain" or the leader of the team. The 'A' stands for "Alternate", meaning the alternative captain of the team.

Where on a hockey jersey do you place the letter C?

If you are looking at the jersey it is on the upper right hand side, if you are wearing the jersey it will be on the upper left hand side. This is true for every NHL team with the exception of the Detroit Red Wings, where the "C" is in the upper left hand side if you are looking at it, and the upper right hand side if you are wearing it.

In ice hockey the player who wears a c on his or her jersey?

The captain

What does the C logo on a NFL jersey stand for?

The C logo on a nfl jersey stands for Captain.

What does the letter C mean on tp of the player's jersey in hockey?


What does the C and A mean on a NHL players jersey?

The C Stands for Captain and the A stands for both Alternate and Assistant Captain.

Sports mascots that start with letter c?

chuck the duck nhl new jersey devils

What does the C stand for that on the back of an NFL jersey?

it means you are a captain

What does c stand for in NFL?

if you mean on the jersey it stands for "captain"

What does the D on a hockey jersey mean?

ive never seen a hockey jersey with the letter D on it but I'm guesssing it means defenseman.the only letters you ever see consistently on hockey jerseys is C for Captain and A for Assistant Captain

What does the C stand for on the New Orleans Hornet's Jersey?

C stands for Captain. C can be found on any captain's jersey on any team in the NBA.

What does the A mean on NHL players jersey?

The A stands for Assistant Captain. The C stands for Captain.

How many players in the NHL played Junior C hockey?

Probably a few. Emery, Domi, Staubitz, and Justin Williams come to mind.

What does the c and h stand for in Montreal Canadiens?

The distinctive C-wrapped-around-H logo stands for "Club de Hockey Canadien."

Why do some hockey players have a capital A on their sweater?

As you know C on a jersey stands for Captain an A on the jersey stands for an Alternate Captain.So if the captain isn't present the alternate takes over in that field in a way.

What does a A mean on the Chicago blackhawk jersey?

Alternate captain. Hockey players with a "C" (captain) or an "A" are the only players that are supposed to communicate with referee's on the ice.

What does the c stand for on Chicago Blackhawks jersey?

It means captain of the team every team has one. A is assistant captain

Hockey captain logo?

I know it and it is a small size C

When was Serie C - ice hockey - created?

Serie C - ice hockey - was created in 2004.

Why does Luongo not wear a C on his jersey?

C means captin on his jersey

Why does Peyton Manning have a c on his jersey?

The C on his jersey means he is one of the captains of the team.