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if you mean on the jersey it stands for "captain"

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Q: What does c stand for in NFL?
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What does the C logo on a NFL jersey stand for?

The C logo on a nfl jersey stands for Captain.

What does the C stand for that on the back of an NFL jersey?

it means you are a captain

What is the C on the NFL jerseys in the new season stand for?

It stands for Captain

What do the rainbow colors on the c patch on an NFL jersey stand for?

The myriad of colors represent the NFL's "Crucial Catch" initiative to bring awareness to various types of cancer.

What does DNP stand for in NFL?

Did not Play

What does the NFL stand for?

NFL stands for National Football League.

What does the initials NFL stand for?

The NFL initials stand for: National Football League. Most people call it (The) National Football League

What NFL WR has the most touchdowns in a year?

what does WR stand for in NFL?

What does TD mean in NFL standings?

What does TD stand for in nfl standings

When did NFL players have to stand for national anthem?

NFL players have never actually been required to stand for the National Anthem - but have done so out of respect.

What does gu stand for on NFL helmet?

Gene Upshaw, the recently deceased NFL Hall of Famer and president of the NFL Players Association

How far do NFL kickers stand from the line of scrimmage?

It is not known how far exactly NFL kickers stand from the line of scrimmage when attempting a field goal. Most NFL kickers average a field goal range of 35 yards.

What is c b stand for in football?

I think C B stand for Cornerback.

What does PF stand for in NFL stats?

Points for

What does Comp stand for on NFL statistics?


Is it illegal to stand out of bounds to catch a punt in the NFL?

You cannot catch a punt while out of bounds in the NFL.

What does gs stand for in NFL stats?

games started

What does PD stand for in NFL stats?

Pass Defend

What is the TEAAC paragraph?

T stand for topic sentence E stand for evidence A stand for analysis A is another analysis C is a conclusion

What are some NFL jokes?

what does COLTS stand for C ount O n L osing T he S uperbowl

What is the C on an NFL uniform?


What does the 'C' on the Minnesota Twins' baseball cap stand for?

The T C on the cap stand for twin cities.

What does C in the marines alphabet stand for?

C is for the Seaforth Highlanders

Why do some nfl players have a c on their jersey?

The C indicates a team captain.

What does the GU patch on NFL jerseys stand for?

Gene Upshaw.

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