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Q: What does rotating hands by the referee in basketball mean?
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Who are the officials in playing basketball?

What do you mean? I can't name all of the referees in college basketball. Maybe you wanted to know what they were called, referee is another name for an official in sports. I don't know what else you could mean by this question.

Can a basketball referee move a team bench if it is not the same distance from the scorer's table as the other bench?

Possibly. Referee can do lots of things during a game that may not be right but that does not mean they cannot do it. My guess and it is only a hypothetical question, is that they could if they so desired.

What does rotating on an axis mean?

rotating on a fixed point

What are the signal of referee in badminton?

If you mean line judges, if they point at the line that means the shot is in, if they spread their hands out, the shot went out. If you still have a question, ask away.

Can a women become a referee?

Yes, of course. I mean, whats wrong with a female referee...right?? Yes, of course. I mean, whats wrong with a female referee...right??

How rotating magnetic amplifier work?

what does it mean by rotating amplifier and how it works?

What sports use a lot of power?

It depends what you mean by power do you mean power in the leg or the hand. Well i will just answer both. Soccer uses a lot of power because you have to kick to ball in the goal from pretty far, you have to pass it to your teammates and you have to lob it up. Basketball requires a lot of power in your hands because in basketball all you do is use your hands. You use them to shoot, dribble the ball, and pass.

What does hand down man down mean in basketball?

It has nothing to do with dunking, mad hard or otherwise. The phrase comes from boxing, in which if you drop your defense (hands), you're going to be knocked out. In basketball, it translates as "if your hands are down while defending a shooter, he'll be able to shoot over you, and then you are the man down."

What is a 'roll' in basketball?

you mean like when the move there hands in a circle? if so it means traveling which they moved their piviot foot with out dribbling the ball.

In basketball what does double dribble mean?

When you dribble the ball, stop and hold it, then continue dribbling. Or when u dribble the ball with two hands :)

What do the numbers on the referee's shirt mean?

Its there age.

What does the footlocker logo mean?

The footlocker logo is a referee. The apparent stance of the referee, in NFL terminology, is the signal for 'off sides'.

What does footlockers logo mean?

The footlocker logo is a referee. The apparent stance of the referee, in NFL terminology, is the signal for 'off sides'.

What does FGA mean in basketball stats?


What do the numbers on the referee's shirts mean?

number of games

Will more air outside a basketball make a basketball bounce higher?

If you mean OUTSIDE the basketball, then no. If you mean INSIDE the basketball, then yes.

What does the term hot hands mean?

The term "hot hands" can be used to describe a person who is on a winning streak or a lucky spell, often used in reference to gambling. The phrase can also be used in basketball in order to reference the player's skill at scoring points.

Why is a woman's basketball a different size than a man's basketball?

Because women are generally smaller than men which would mean their hands are a little smaller also. Allowing women to play with a smaller basketball allows them to control it better.What size are the woman's basketballs??

What does it mean to double dribble in basketball?

A player who is dribbling the ball is "alive". But if you stop dribbling, and hold it up with 2 hands "dead". then if you dribble again, that's Double Dribble.

What does skids mean?

to slid without rotating

What does referee position mean in a job application?

in my application i referred to a referee as a teacher. so i just put what subject they teach me. for a friend you could put "family friend"

What are the names of the officials in football game?

Do you mean the referee or linesmen?

What is double dribble in basketball terms?

double dribble is a basketball term it means to dribble ( bouncing the ball while running) thethe ball then stop bouncing the ball and start dribbling again. It can also mean to bounce the ball with 2 hands but that hardly ever happens

What does basketball mean in spanish?

basketball = el baloncesto

What does rotation in physical education mean?

Rotating your body