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If you mean OUTSIDE the Basketball, then no.

If you mean INSIDE the basketball, then yes.

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Q: Will more air outside a basketball make a basketball bounce higher?
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Will adding more air inside a basketball make it bounce higher?


Will more air inside a basketball make it bounce higher?


What make a basketball bounce higher helium or air?

Helium will make a basketball bounce higher because when it is put into the basketball the air particles move faster and faster causing the basketball to bounce higher.

Will more air in a basketball make it bounce higher?

Yes. More air in the basketball will make it bounce higher. Yes. Replacing the air with even a lighter gasses, such as helium, results in a higher bounce. It follows that, removing air or using heavier gasses to inflate a ball will result in a lower bounce. YES. Adding more air to the ball lessens the particles in the ball to bounce around. Putting more air in a basket ball will definitely make it bounce higher. If you put light gasses in it like helium then it will bounce even higher. If you take air out of it, it will bounce lower.After a while of putting air in a basketball it starts to bounce lower.

Will grass make a basketball bounce?

Grass can impact the bounce of a basketball by absorbing some of its energy. The softer and more damp the grass is, the less bounce the basketball will have compared to a hard surface like a basketball court.

How long can a basketball bounce?

Several factors affect the bounce of a basketball including the height that it was dropped from. The bounce factor includes elasticity, air pressure, force applied to it, and how rigid the surface is that the ball is bounced on.

Why does a ball bounce higher than others?

it will bounce higher if there is more air. ex. Flat basketball- being flat, the ball will just hit the floor and will be pressed inwards on the spot it landed pumped basketball- being full of air, the ball hits the ground and like a flat basketball is pressed inwards. but because there's air in it, the air will make the ball retain its shape and bounce.

If the bungee cord gets longer what force will make you bounce higher and why will you bounce higher?

gravity will make you bounce higher because as cord gets longer the more force it will take to move it.

What is the independent variable Will more air in a basketball make it bounce higher?

Yes it will because the pressure in the ball will push it up and down

Does the brand of basketball affect how high or low it bounces?

Basketballs are inflated with air to make them bounce. When inflated, the basketball's elastic bladder is capable of rebounding when dropped or dribbled on a hard surface. In general, the higher the air pressure is inside the basketball, the higher it will bounce.

Why does a basketball bounce with more air?

The more air the higher it will bounce, the less air the lower it will bounce assuming the exact same amount of force is applied in each case. You do not want a ball that bounces too easily or one that is hard to make bounce. The reason it bounces higher with more air is because the outer cover is drawn tighter when more air is applied internally. The tighter the cover the higher it will bounce because it has more spring to it.

What makes a basketball bounce higher?

A basketball bounces higher depending on how much energy is transferred to it when it impacts the ground. Factors like the force of impact, the material and pressure of the basketball, and the angle at which it hits the ground can all affect how high it bounces.