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it means it can graze the net

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Q: What does it mean serve ball may graze?
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Can any ball be blocked why?

Any ball may be blocked, excluding the serve!(:

What does ut prosim mean?

That I may serve

What is a receiving in volleyball?

A receiver in volleyball is the person who the ball is sent too. For example, if i serve the ball, the receiver may be any player on the other side of the net.

What are the rules of racket ball?

In racquetball, the player who begins with the serve must first bounce the ball off the floor before hitting the front wall. The ball may not touch the back wall and can only touch one of the side walls before the other player returns the serve. If the ball does bounce in these restricted areas, it is considered to be a fault. The players continue to return passes to each other by first hitting the ball to the front wall before allowing the ball to hit the floor. Unlike in the initial serve, the ball may hit any of the walls once the serve is successfully in play.

What is a sky ball serve in volleyball?

A Sky ball serve is usually a underhand serve on a beach court where the ball travels a long way up and comes down in a straight line. This made it hard for the opposing team to receive or pass the ball to their team mates. Factors: 1. The ball gains momentum when coming down making it more painful for the other team to receive the ball 2. When the ball is coming down the sun may get in the way therefore momentarily blinding the player. 3. The Wind may change the path of where the ball might hit making it harder for the opposition to receive the serve. The Sky ball origin was a tactic originally used by the Brazilian Volleyball Team.

Why is it sometimes important to receive the serve with an overhand pass in volleyball?

If you cannot get behind the ball, the you should overhand pass. But most likely, if you are in backrow, the ball may be out.

Ut prosim cum caritate et luce Dei what does it mean the first is That I may serve?

That I may serve with the charity and light of God.

What actors and actresses appeared in Where Sheep May Safely Graze - 2012?

The cast of Where Sheep May Safely Graze - 2012 includes: Aynn Kirby as Mrs. Davis

What is the REAL serves in volleyball?

There are a few types of serves in volleyball and depending on your age, strength and talent, you may use all of them. The most basic serve is an underhand serve, the next step up from that is a overhand serve, than there is a jump serve, which you do your approach and jump and serve tha ball over the net, another serve is a floater serve and this can be served from the ground or as a jump serve and a floaters serves makes the ball float over the net. Another serve is banna split, which the ball is tossed spining to the side and when you serve it, the palm of your hand slices the ball and it will turn clockwise and go straight down on the other side of the net. These are the most common serves, but there are differents ways to do these types of serves.

Rules in playing volleyball?

A ) Server must serve from behind the restraining line ( end line ) until after contact.( B ) Ball may be served underhand or overhand.( C ) Ball must be clearly visible to opponents before serve.( D ) Served ball may graze the net and drop to the other side for point.( E ) First game serve is determined by a volley, each subsequent game shall be served by the previous game loser.( F ) Serve must be returned by a bump only. no setting or attacking a serve.ScoringRally scoring will be used.There will be a point scored on every score of the ball.Offense will score on a defense miss or out of bounds hit.Defense will score on an offensive miss, out of bounds hit, or serve into the net.Game will be played to 25 pts.Must win by 2 points.Rotation( A ) Team will rotate each time they win the serve.( B ) Players shall rotate in a clockwise manner.( C ) There shall be 4-6 players on each side.Playing the game( A ) Maximum of three hits per side.( B ) Player may not hit the ball twice in succession ( A block is not considered a hit ).( C ) Ball may be played off the net during a volley and on serve.( D ) A ball touching a boundary line is good.( E ) A legal hit is contact with the ball by a player body above and including the waist which does not allow the ball to visibly come to a rest.( F ) If two or more players contact the ball simultaneously, it is considered one play and the players involved may not participate in the next play.( G ) A player must not block or attack a serve.( H ) Switching positions will be allowed only between front line players. ( After the serve only ).Basic Violations( A ) Stepping on or over the line on a serve.( B ) Failure to serve the ball over the net successfully.( C ) Hitting the ball illegally ( Carrying, Palming, Throwing, etc. ).( D ) Touches of the net with any part of the body while the ball is in play. If the ball is driven into the net with such force that it causes the net to contact an opposing player, no foul will be called, and the ball shall continue to be in play.( E ) Reaching over the net, except under these conditions:1 - When executing a follow-through.2 - When blocking a ball which is in the opponents court but is being returned ( the blocker must not contact the ball until after the opponent who is attempting to return the ball makes contact). Except to block the third play.( F ) Reaches under the net ( if it interferes with the ball or opposing player ).( G ) Failure to serve in the correct order.( H ) Blocks or spikes from a position which is clearly not behind the 10-foot line while in a back row position.

When should the setter get the volleyball?

When your talking about receiving that ball from a serve, then no. While setters may "get" the ball from a serve to save it from hitting the ground it is never their goal to receive a serve. In most cases, the back row players will receive the serve and try to bump it to the setter who will, in turn, set it to the hitter. In a real game, it doesn't always happen this way of course but that is the basic set up for volleyball play.

What does Ut Prosim Honoris Causa mean?

That I may serve for honour's sake .