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i dont now

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Q: Which nfl football teams nickname is class of Boy Scouts?
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What football teams nickname is marine animals?

the Miami dolphins

Baggies is what football teams nickname?

West Bromwich Albion

What football teams nickname is the peacocks?

Leeds United FC

What football teams have the following nickname baggies?

West Bromwich Albion.

What is the nickname of the football team of Louisville?

The nickname of the football team of Louisville is "Cardinals". This is the name that is used for all the athletic teams for the University of Louisville. The nickname is sometimes shortened to "Cards".

What was Ole Miss football teams nickname before called the Rebels?

Because they are rebels.Duh

5 What is the nickname of the French national rugby and football teams?

The French football team is named 'Les Bleus' after the colour of their blue jerseys.

Is the Alabama crimson tides a college football team?

Crimson Tide. Yes, the University of Alabama's football team nickname and the team colors.

What is the name of the DePauw University football team in Greencastle IN?

The nickname of DePauw University teams is the Tigers and their mascot is Tyler the Tiger.

Who are Spurs?

Spurs is a nickname for the sporting teams ; San Antonio Spurs, Witbank Spurs F.C. and Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

How do you get drafted to play professional Football soccer when no scouts come to your area in the UK?

If you are really committed and really want to play pro, you need to move to a town that has a good and known Football (soccer) team. If you can't do this go onto and they show coaches and scouts and you could e-mail them and tell them about your skills. Maybe they will come up to see you. They will look anywhere to find the best. To make it in Football you need to get in contact with your local England there are scouts from EPL Football teams at local games and also they have international scouts based all over the world

Is there more football teams or baseball teams?

There is more football teams than baseball teams, football has 32 and baseball has 30