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I think a dh stands for the designated hitter. This is an individual that is not a regular part of the 9 person Baseball team, but is actually the 10th person and is used only to substitue as a designated hitter.

Designated Hitter
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Q: What does dh mean in baseball stats?
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What does DH mean?

It means designated hitter in baseball, the DH hits for the pitcher in the American league

DH mean in baseball?

DH stands for DESIGNATED HITTER, which is a player that only bats he doesnt play the field

What is the meaning of DH in baseball?

a DH only exists in the AL of the MLB. a DH is short for Designated Hitter. the DH hits for the Pitcher.

What is a DH in baseball?

A DH is a designated hitter in baseball. The American League uses DH's to bat in the lineup so that the pitchers do not need to actually bat. In the National League there are no DH's and the pitchers must bat just like the other position players.

What year did the DH star in baseball?


What position is DH in baseball?

Designated Hitter.

What does DH stand for in baseball?

Designated Hitter

What year did the DH start in baseball?


What year did the DH start in college baseball?

they didn't

Can the DH in HS baseball play a defensive position later in the game?

No. The DH cannot play a defensive position unless he is brought in for the person for whom he is DH-ing. This is a full substitution and negates the DH status. Should the coach re-enter the original player, he must bat in place of the original DH, and the original DH may not re-enter the game.

What does BSRN mean in baseball stats?

No such category in baseball.

What position does Vladimir Guerrero in baseball?

right field or DH

Do college teams used the dh?

Yes College baseball adhires to American league rules with a DH substituting in the lineup for the pitcher usually

What is a DH on a baseball roster?

DH stands for Designated Hitter. The Designated hitter does not play on the field defensively and is usually the strongest hitter on the team - such as David Ortiz and Frank Thomas. The national league teams do not have a DH

When the American league and national league baseball teams play does the DH rule apply?

There is a DH if the game is played in the American League team's ballpark. There is no DH if the game is played in the National League team's ballpark.

Can a relief pitcher hit instead of the DH?

Yes. There is no obligation to use the DH in baseball. A somewhat confusing question. A relief pitcher can be used AS the DH. However normal DH rules apply and that player could not pitch in the game. A relief pitcher can pinch hit FOR the DH as well. That pitcher then becomes the DH and normal rules apply. I am pretty sure that a relief pitch that enters the game as a pitcher can not be inserted into the lineup for the DH but I could be wrong. Of course you don't have to use the DH but you can't use a relief pitcher in your lineup unless he's playing a position in the field. Yes. When you bring in the relief pitcher, you can at that time have him hit in place of the DH. You can also have him pinch-hit for the DH at a later point in the game. Note that in both cases, there is no longer a DH and all pitchers must hit. Baseball rule 6.10.

Year and reason baseball's DH created?

1973; the rule was added in an effort to increase scoring in baseball.

If a team is using an DH and he is batting in 5th position and the pitcher is batting in tenth position does that make the DH illegal?

A baseball team only bats 9. A DH can bat in any player's place, but that player will not bat in the 10th spot.

What does club mean in baseball stats?


What does SHO mean in baseball stats?


What does AB mean in baseball stats?

at bats

What does SHO mean baseball stats?


Is there a designated hitter in the Japanese baseball league?

There are two major leagues in Japanese baseball, the Central League and the Pacific League. The Central League adopted the DH in 1975 but the Pacific League does not use the DH. Interleague play began in 2005 and the Pacific League now uses the DH when playing in a Central League team's park, similar to how the National League uses the DH when playing in an American League park.

What does dh mean in baseball?

I think a dh stands for the designated hitter. This is an individual that is not a regular part of the 9 person Baseball team, but is actually the 10th person and is used only to substitue as a designated hitter.Designated Hitter

What does CS mean in baseball stats?

caught stealing

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