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the dot ball is a ball in which no run(s) scored

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Q: What does a DOT ball mean in cricket?
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What does dot stand for in cricket?

A dot represents a ball bowled from which no runs are scored

What does ball boy mean in cricket?

Ball boys are not used in cricket.

What does DOT ball mean in cricket?

It means no run was scored from a particular delivery.The term originates from cricket scoring notation, where instead of a number when runs are scored, a small dot would be written instead to indicate that delivery resulted in no run.

What does the colour dot o a squash ball mean?

Blue= Progression ball Yellow= Tornament ball Red= Bouncy No dot= Progression ball

What is ball used in cricket called?

Cricket ball Cricket ball

What does a red dot mean on a bowling ball?

On a bowling ball, the red dot can be a weight. They put weights on bowling balls to throw a curve ball.

What does pallino mean in Italian?

"little ball" or "polka-dot"

What is bigger a tennis ball or a cricket ball?

cricket ball is bigger

Which has more inertia-a cricket ball or a rubber ball?

cricket ball

What is the hardness of a baseball and a cricket ball?

cricket ball

How heavy is a cricket ball?

Cricket ball is of 155.9 to 164gm.

What has smaller mass cricket ball or balloon?

cricket ball

What hits the ground earlier a cricket ball or a pingpong ball?

Cricket Ball yaar

How is a Cricket ball different from a Football?

Just size of the ball and cricket ball has a seam.

What does overs in cricket mean?

an over in cricket is 6 balls (depending on if he balls a wide or a no ball) bowled by a bowler

How to use cricket ball?

go for cricket coaching first there they will teach you how to use a cricket ball

What colour is the cricket ball in a test cricket?

The color of a test cricket match ball is Red

How many ways can a cricket ball be bowled?

A cricket ball can be bowl in two ways in cricket.

Weight of cricket ball?

Weight of cricket ball is 155.9 gram.

Who invented the cricket ball?

Hamlet Nicholson is the inventor of cricket ball.

Who invented cricket ball?

Hamlet Nicholson is the inventor of cricket ball.

How many seams does a cricket ball have?

Cricket ball has 4 seams.

What is the circumference of a cricket ball?

circumference of a cricket ball may be 9meters approximately!! circumference of a cricket ball may be 9meters approximately!!

What do the lines on a cricket bat handle mean?

the lines on the cricket bat handle shows what level of ball it can play with. say for it has one line that means the bat is to play with a soft ball if it has two it can play with a tennis ball and three means it can play with a real cricket ball

Why is a dot ball called a dot ball?

In the traditional scoring system, a dot was used to indicate a ball whereby no run has been scored.

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What does DOT ball mean in cricket?

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