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Cricket Ball yaar

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Q: What hits the ground earlier a cricket ball or a pingpong ball?
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What is Difference between Man Cricket and Women Cricket ball?

size of the ball and ground is more in mens cricket when compared to womens cricket.

What is the diameter of a pingpong ball?


Why cricket ball spins after hitting ground?

because they do

How big is each planet in tiny ball form?

Ok. Sun: basket ball mecury: marble venus and earth: tennis ball mars: pingpong ball jupiter: medium sized football saturn: small sized football Uranus: pingpong ball neptune: pingpong ball (pluto): marble

Is tennis ball bouncier than pingpong ball?

its pingo ping ball lolol

What happens when the ball hits the helmet on the ground in cricket?


What will happen if you poke a hole in a pingpong ball and then put it in hot water?

A dint in the surface of a pingpong ball can be removed by putting the ball in hot water. The hot water will expand the air inside the ball and push the dint out, restoring the original shape of the ball.As to a hole? A hole would allow the pingpong ball to fill with water.

Which object will be slowed the most by air resistance?

a pingpong ball

What is the chemical composition of silicone?

tofu+H2O+a pingpong ball

Why do all objects hit the ground at the same time?

Objects don't all hit the ground at the same time unless they're falling in a vacuum. Under normal circumstances, the order in which falling objects hit the ground depends on their size, shape, weight, atmospheric conditions, and so on. Try standing on a wall or a table in your garden on a breezy day and drop a cricket ball and a pingpong ball. You'll see the difference.

What is ball used in cricket called?

Cricket ball Cricket ball

DO you throw the ball on the ground in cricket?

Yes you do throw it on the ground to ball it. If it doesn't bounce it's a full toss which makes a batsmen easy to hit.

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