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The blade at the end of a stick is called a "Bayonet".

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Q: What do you call a stick with a blade on the end?
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What do you call the end of a stick?

You call it "the end of a stick". There is no technical name for it.

What do you call the blade on the end of a rifle?

A blade on the end o a rifle is called a "Bayonet".

What is the toe of the hockey stick?

On the hockey stick, you have the shaft (the part you hold), and the blade (the part that touches the ice). In the blade, you have the Heel, which is the part connected to the shaft. Then you have the toe, which is the tip of the blade, or the end which does not connect to the shaft.

How can you put a replacement blade on a broken s17 easton hockey stick?

You can't at the tapered end (round) of the stick. But at the other end you can put one in.

How do you carve your name in to a stick?

1.) Find a stick 2.) Find a blade 3.) carve your name into the stick with the assistance of the blade 4.) get a life

Where can you buy tape for the butt end of your hockey stick?

You use the same tape as would for the blade of your stick. Most sport stoors usually carry tape

What are the 4 parts of a hockey stick?

The butt end is the very top of the stick. The knob involves a knob of tape at the butt end, for grip. The shaft is everything except the blade, including the butt end. The blade has a heel, and a toe, which are just what you'd imagine them to be.So Butt End, Shaft, Blade (which has a heel, and a toe).

What is the length of a stick?

anywhere between right under the chin and the mouth when the player is on skates. in terms of the rulebook, stick length is the length from the heel of the blade to the end of the shaft

Can you cut off the blade from a one piece hockey stick and put on another blade?

well, if u have an S17 u cannot do that, because of the taper at the end of the shaft. although, on any stick, u can "flip" it, a.k.a. take the plug out of the other end (handle end) and put the blade there. the downside to doing that tho is your flex gets screwed up becuz it will not flex in the right spot, and it looks pretty stupid

What are the parts of a hockey stick?

The shaft and blade.

What is the bottom of a hockey stick called?

The blade.

How do you wrap a stone blade to a stick?


Can you switch a one piece stick to a two piece stick?

Yes you could saw off the blade of a one piece stick and then go to a store and put on a new blade

How do you measure your hockey stick?

when the blade of the stick is on the ground cut it where your nose is when you are on skates

What is the taper on a hockey stick?

The taper is either how thin the blade gets, or the curve of a blade.

Do you tape all ice hockey sticks?

Regulations say you must tape the stick blade at least the width of the puck. and you should tape the butt end of the stick to have better grip.

How do you shave down a hockey stick like spezza?

The hockey stick is shaved with a blade. no--how do you shape the blade?--how do youn make the toe round and thin?

What part of stick do you hit the puck with when passing to a teammate?

That part of the stick is called the "blade"

How do you measure a knife blade?

from the end of the hilt to the tip of the blade

When did Tokyo Blade end?

Tokyo Blade ended in 1997.

When did Washington Blade end?

Washington Blade ended in 2009.

How do you take a blade out of a hockey stick?

Use a heat gun or stove top (hover the stick a few inches over the burner) to melt the glue. Then pull out the blade.

What is all the parts of a hockey stick?

Knob, shaft, blade

Is a hockey shaft and blade as long as a onepiece stick?


What is the lie in a hockey stick?

the curve from the shaft to the tip of the blade