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That part of the stick is called the "blade"

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Q: What part of stick do you hit the puck with when passing to a teammate?
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What is the word for hitting a hockey puck with a stick?

The name of that action varies. When you are doing that action with the intent of giving it to a teammate, it is passing. When you plan to score a goal and direct it at the opponent's net it is called a shot. If you plan to just do the action to get rid of the puck and put it into the opponent's defensive end then it s referred to as a dump.

What is the part of the hockey stick that makes contact with the puck?


What is cycling hockey?

cycling in hockey is when a teammate passes the puck to another teammate along the yellow of the boards

May a hockey player kick the puck to a teammate?


How much force did the puck exert 0n the hockey stick?

that depends on the force exerted by the stick on the puck. they are directly related, in other words F(puck to stick)=F(stick to puck)

Does a NHL goal count if it hits your foot and goes in?

As long as the puck wasn't "kicked" into the net. For Example, if someone hit a slapshot and his teammate was standing right next to the net and the puck hit the teammate's foot, then it would count as a goal.

What is a hockey stick and puck?

A hockey stick is what the players hold on to in order to move the puck. A puck is the black disk that the players use the stick to hit. The purpose of the game is to get the puck into the opponent's net more times than they score on your net.

How much force did the puck exert on the stick if the stick exerts 6N on the puck?

[It's Newton's 3rd Law.]

What is an ice hockey shot called that occurs when a player meets a teammate's pass with an immediate slap shot without any attempt to control the puck from his or her stick?

it's referred to traditionally as a 'one-timer'

What do you strike with the hockey stick?


What does assist mean in ice hockey?

You were one of the last 2 people who passed the puck to your teammate who scored.

What type of stick hits a hockey puck farther?

This depends on the flex rating/capability of the stick shaft, the strength of the stick blade and the power of the player shooting the puck.

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