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A soccer referee earns about 750 dollars a game.

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Q: What do world cup soccer referees earn?
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How much do referees make in the World Cup?

Top refs earn upwards of £20,000 for refereeing the World Cup!

What language do referees use world cup soccer?

The standard is English, but the referees will be able to speak a number of languages to better communicate with the players.

How many british referees will be at the world cup finals?

No British referees were selcted for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

How much do professional soccer referees get paid?

It is not a voluntary job - top refs earn upwards of £20, 000 for refereeing the World Cup. Since the introduction of the English Premier League, refereeing is now officially a career.

What is the name of the soccer World Cup?

Fifa soccer world cup

Has Vietnam ever qualify for World Cup soccer or ever made the World Cup?

Yes, the Vietnam soccer team has qualified for World Cup soccer but has not made the World Cup.

How can the soccer world cup local organizing committee control their finances?

Not spend more than they earn.

When was the first World Cup of soccer?

The first soccer world cup was in 1930, in Uruguay.

Where was the 1960 soccer World Cup?

There wasn't a Soccer World Cup in the year 1960.

When is men's world cup soccer?

There is no men soccer world cup in 2011, it is the womens world cup in Germany in 2011.

Are there American referees in 2010 World cup?

God help us, no!

How much do world cup referees get paid?

about 80 pounds a game

When is men's World Cup soccer 2011?

There is no men soccer world cup in 2011, it is the womens world cup in Germany in 2011.

Who chooses the referees for each World Cup match?

FIFA choose a panel for the World Cup Finals, and then based on their performances the referees are either allowed to stay on in the latter stages or sent home.

When does the soccer World Cup start?

The soccer world cup stars on 11/6/2010.

When did Tecmo World Cup Soccer happen?

Tecmo World Cup Soccer happened in 1990.

How many referees are there at an official FIFA World Cup Game?

There are four referees in an official FIFA world cup game. There is the main referee on the field with the players. There are the two linesmen (or assistant referees). Then there is the fourth refereee, who keeps track of time, substitutions and so on.

What is the name the soccer World Cup?

FIFA World Cup

Is there a women's World Cup soccer?

No there is not a Women's World Cup.

Who won soccer World Cup 2008?

There was no soccer world cup in 2008 , it was held in 2006 in Germany.

Is the World Cup rugby or soccer?

I know there's a world cup for soccer, idk bout rugby.

When was the 1st women soccer World Cup?

The first women soccer world cup was held in 1991.

What is the fifa cup?

The fifa cup is the world cup for soccer

Where will the 2012 soccer World Cup be?

their isn't world cup in 2012

Who won the soccer World Cup in 1964?

There was no world cup in 1964.