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Its called a TRY.

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Q: What do they call a touchdown in rugby?
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Where did the word touchdown come from?

football is the child of rugby. When you score in rugby you would have to touch the ball down to the ground, hence the word touchdown.

How do you call a person who plays rugby?

a rugby player

What do you call those who play rugby?

Rugby players

Who came up the name touchdown?

It originally came from football's ancestor, rugby. In order to score in rugby, you must "touch" the ball "down" in the tri zone. It can be assumed that is where the name came from

What do you call a rugby huddle?

A scrum

What is it call to kick an extra point in football?

PAT- point after touchdown

Why do americans call rugby football?

Rugby and American football are two completely different games. Americans refer to rugby as rugby, and American football as football.

NFL Why is it called a touchdown when you don't?

American football is derived from an English game called Rugby Union. In Rugby the equivalent to a touch down is called a try. To score a try you have to "touch the ball down" on the ground.

What is a touchdown in rugby?

It's called a try and you get 5 points for it and are given a conversion, which is a free shot at the goal. If you score that then you get 2 more points.

In what game do you say a try?

a tri is a rugby term. it is when the team scores by getting the ball into touch. it is much like a touchdown in American football.

Is there a kickoff in rugby?

Yes. At the start of the halves and after a try (touchdown), they start with a drop kick - the ball must bounce off the ground before the kick.

What does the referee do in a rugby match?

the referee has to know all the rules to rugby and then they call anything that they see wrong.

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