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Depending on your age I would start on a cr125 Honda. Honda is known for having very high quality bikes and can take a beating.

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Q: What dirt bike should i buy first what kind then what brand then what bike?
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What was the first dirt bike brand?


Is an 80cc dirt bike a trail bike?

it depends, what brand is it

Who rode the first dirt bike?

who was the first dirt bike rider

Brand of dirt bike that starts with a h?

honda Husqvarna also makes a dirt bike!!!

Who In vented the First Dirt Bike?

DJL made the first dirt bike.

What was the first dirt bike used for?

they used the first dirt bike in ww1

What dirt bike should you get?

haha i no what dirt bike i should get i should get a short dirt bike cause I'm short lol it wouldn't be smart 2 get a tall dirt bike now would it haha id fell over:)

What cc should a 12 year old's first dirt bike be?

I had a 250cc for my first bike when i was 12, but now im 14 and got a 400cc bike.

Who made the first Yamaha dirt bike?

Yamaha made the first Yamaha dirt bike

Should you start on a dirt bike or street bike?

That depends on what you are using it for. Obviously, if you are dirt biking, you should use a dirt bike, and otherwise use a street bike. Start out with what you are going to use the most - dirt (freestyle) or street racing.

What kind of oil should you use in your 150CC dirt bike?

If the bike is a 2 cycle then use nothing but a name brand 2 cycle oil of your choice. If the bike is a 4 cycle then use SAE 10w30 any major brand full synthetic.

What is the best brand of dirt bike wheels?

Excel rims.

What is the most winning dirt bike brand?

Scott and Cannondale!

Should you buy a dirt bike or snowboard?

Snowboard because its better than a dirt bike.

What was the first trick on a dirt bike?

The first trick to be performed on a dirt bike was the wheelie, this was prior to any competition/trials.

What is the best brand of dirt bike and why?

Brand wise, it is KTM. The make a wide varity of dirt bikes in both two and four strokes. They have everything from kid's bikes to enduro bikes to MX bike. They are by far the best.

How can you find out what type of dirt bike you have?

Usually the name/brand of the dirt bike is written in rather large letters on both sides of the bike. The model will be written in much smaller letters near the rear tire of the bike.

Which dirt bike brand is fastest?

Suzuki and Kawasaki are top on the list.

Should you get a dirt bike or a pocket rocket?

poket bikes are gay. go with the dirt Dirt bike, definitely!

What motor was in the first dirt bike?

motor bike

What was the first Dirt Bike ever made?

the first dirt-bike ever made was a honda. There were bike manufatures in Europe that were making dirt type bikes before Honda was even a company.

Should a 9 year old have a dirt bike?

Yeah if they have the right size dirt bike and gear

What model of ATV or dirt bike should you get for racing motocross?

well if your a grown up then start of with a 250r dirt bike , if your a kid or teenager and your not to tall get a 85cc dirt bike

What should you do if your RM 85 dirt bike will not get enough gas to the carburetor?

go to a local dirt bike shop and explain the problem to them dirt bike stores always have mechanics to help

Who did the first front flip on a dirt bike?

Jim Dechamp did the world's first front flip on a dirt bike during an airing of the MTV show "Nitro Circus". It is in the Guinness Book Of World Records as the first and longest front flip on a dirt bike.