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Suzuki and Kawasaki are top on the list.

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Q: Which dirt bike brand is fastest?
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What type of dirt bikes are the fastest?

The Fastest Dirt Bike Is A KTM.

What brand of dirt bike is fastest?

I would have to say KTM because it goes up to 690

Fastest dirt bike ever?

The fastest dirt bike ever was the Honda CrF450r. This bike had a four stroke engine liquid cooled that could produce 499cc.

What is the fastest 2004 600cc sport bike?

No, I think the Honda 650cc dirt bike is the fastest or a GP racing bike.

Is the YZ450 2010 the fastest dirt bike?

no kawasaki is the fastest as i know

What is the fastest Honda dirt bike ever?


What is the fastest model dirt bike?


Is an 80cc dirt bike a trail bike?

it depends, what brand is it

What is the fastest 125 dirt bike?

Ktm 125sx

What is the fastest 65 dirt bike?

rm 65

What is the fastest dirt bike stock?

The fastest dirt bike in stock is a Suzuki But most lots of people don't agree they normally think its the ktm that's all a opinion.

What was the first dirt bike brand?


Brand of dirt bike that starts with a h?

honda Husqvarna also makes a dirt bike!!!

What is the fastest 2stroke dirt bike?

personally i think that the ktm 250 is the fastest 2 stroke but i think that the fastest 4 stroke is a honda 250 but both will set you back about 4-5 grand brand new

How fast is the fastest dirt bike?

RX 2-stroke

Who is the fastest dirt bike rider on the planet?

James Stewart, undoubtedly the fastest man on the planet!!!

How fast does the world's fastest dirt bike go?

132.314 mph

What is the best brand of dirt bike wheels?

Excel rims.

What is the most winning dirt bike brand?

Scott and Cannondale!

What is the fastest four stroke 125cc dirt bike?

Yamaha TTR 125

What is the fastest production dirt bike ever made?

Honda CR 500.

What is the fastest 150r dirt bike?

the only one... try Honda CRF150r

What is the fastest time for Max Dirt Bike?

4 mins 58 seconds

What year is the fastest dirt bike made by Honda?

the 1986 cr 500.

What is the fastest 4 stroke 125cc dirt bike?

None, they all suck.