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Q: What culture did the ballet first performer Shauna Voulay belong to?
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Who was the first person to ballet?

Shauna Voulay (Voolay)

Who was the first person to perform ballet?

Shauna Voulay (Voolay)

What is a ballerino?

A ballerino is a star male ballet performer of a company.

What is the culture of Ballet?


What do you call a main female ballet performer?

The main female ballet dancer is known as the prima ballerina who is the leading woman dancer in a ballet company.

Is ballet an aspect of french culture?

not really

How do you use battement in a sentence?

The ballet performer performed the battement in the performance. This is a sentence containing the word battement.

How did ballet begin?

Ballet emerged in the late fifteenth-century Renaissance court culture of Italy as a dance interpretation of fencing (from wikipiedia)

If you were to attend a New York Ballet performance you would be experiencing?

High Culture

If you were attended a New York ballet performance you would be experiencing?

High Culture

What actors and actresses appeared in La nit - 1988?

The cast of La nit - 1988 includes: Spandau Ballet as Themselves - Performers Luca Canonici as Himself - Performer Giuseppe Di Stefano as Himself - Performer Romano Gandolfi as Himself - Conductor Eddy Grant as Himself - Performer Barbara Hendricks as Herself - Performer Jerry Lee Lewis as Himself - Performer Joan Manuel Serrat as Himself - Performer Freddie Mercury as Himself - Performer Franco Nero as Himself - Presenter Yevgeni Nesterenko as Himself - Performer Rudolf Nureyev as Himself - Performer Suzanne Vega as Herself - Performer Dionne Warwick as Herself - Performer

Who was ballet resurrected by?

I am not sure what you mean by "resurected" as ballet was never dead in the first place, however if you are refering to the entrance of ballet to mainstream culture,King Louis the Fourtenth held the worlds first ballet school and did much to devlope the dance form. This is why Ballet termanoligy is in french, not italian, even though the rough concept of ballet came from italy.

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