What is a ballerino?

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A ballerino is a star male Ballet performer of a company.

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Q: What is a ballerino?
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When was Mel Ballerino born?

Mel Ballerino was born on January 16, 1899, in California, USA.

When did Mel Ballerino die?

Mel Ballerino died on June 25, 1981, in Napa, California, USA.

What is 'tiny dancer' in Italian?

ballerino molto piccolo

We have ballerina but what is a male ballet dancer called?


What is the name of a male ballet dancer?

It can be a Danseur (the french) or a Ballerino (the italian).

What is the name for a male ballet dancer?

A danseur or a ballerino and NOT a ballerina because that is the feminine form of ballet dancer

What is a male ballet performer called?

They can be called Danseur's, some call them Ballerino's... but many male dancer's don't like that. Or they can be called just- Male Dancer. I was a professional dancer for 11 years and I appreciated Danseur, it's more respectful. Ballerino sounds to much like Ballerina.

What actors and actresses appeared in Ballet - 2012?

The cast of Ballet - 2012 includes: Luis Ruben Gonzales as Ballerino

What is a person who dances at the ballet called?

a ballerina, although usually that phrase is used mostly for girls! A male Ballet Dancer is called a Ballerino

If a female is a ballerina what is a male ballet dancer called?

There are several names for male dancers. Ballerino, Premier Danseur or just a male dancer.

What are male ballet dancers called?

"Danseurs, Ballerino or just... male ballet dancers. Some just call them heroes, pioneers... or very, very brave for what they do."

What is a male ballet dancer called?

A young male dancer, is nowadays known as just that ' A Dancer.' The formal name is 'DANSEUR' but it is really a bit over the top for everyday use.

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