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The main female Ballet dancer is known as the prima ballerina who is the leading woman dancer in a ballet company.

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Q: What do you call a main female ballet performer?
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Is the matador the main performer in the bullfight?

The matador is the main performer that the audience comes to watch.The matador is the main performer in the bullfight.

What do you call the main female in a book?

A heroine. If the female is a helpless character, then she is an "ingenue."

What do call a chief performer at a bullfight?

The main performer is the matador whose job it is to kill the bull properly after an artistic performance with the cape - the muleta. Matador is his profession.

The 3 ballet questions?

The three main ballet are:Sleeping BeautySwan LakeThe nutcrackerThey are all made from Tchaikovsky!

What are the three main schools of ballet techniques?

The Italian, Russian and French

What is Russia's main sport?

Hockeyhockey and soccer

In tchailkovskys ballet the nutcracker what was the nutcrackers main enemy?

The mouse king.

Five steps in ballet?

there are 5 main positions in ballet: 1st-5th main steps include: plie tendue glissade pirouette passe arabesque developpe ronds de jamb releve

What are the kinds of ballets?

There are two main kinds of ballet. These are cecchetti ballet which is more flowing and gentle and there is RAD which developed later on. RAD isn't as smooth and is more strong. I recommend cecchetti ballet. I have done both.

What brand of ballet slippers are there?

Capezio, Sansha, Bloch, and Grishko are the main brands.

What equipment do you need to dance ballet?

The main equiptment you need is passion and dedication. Ballet can be very time consuming, you must be aware of that. You will also need pink ballet shoes, pink tights, and a leotard(preferably black).

What are some kinds of ballet shoes?

There are two main types of ballet shoes: leather or canvas slippers (often called 'flats') and pointe shoes (with a stiffened tip).