Which cricketer scored more ducks in world cup?

Updated: 8/21/2019
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Sanath jayasooriya is a great player.He got the most ducks.

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Nathan Astle scored most ducks in world cup.He scored duck 5 times.He has played 22 innings in world cup.

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Q: Which cricketer scored more ducks in world cup?
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Is cricketer scored less runs in more balls?

Sunil Gavaskar

Who scored the most runs in the world cup matches?

Sachin Tendulkar, the greatest cricketer of all times!

Who is the only cricketer who has scored more than 2000 runs in ipl?

suresh raina

Who is only cricketer who scored more than 2000 runs in dlf ipl?

suresh raina

Which batsman has out more time on duck in one day international in crickect?

The holder of the most ducks ever scored in one season of cricket is Robert Hawkes. He plays for Bapchild and in one season recorded 41 ducks including 17 golden ducks, three primary ducks and a duck that took him 60 balls to aquire. He attends Borden Grammar school and is also a keen footballer and scored 12 own goals in a season. He is a goalkeeper.

What cricketer played more world cup matches?

Sachin tendulker

Who scored more goal in world cup linker or Pele?

Pele scored 12 in World Cup Finals; Lineker scored 10.

Who is a veteran cricketer in this world other than sachin?

why not every cricketer who has more experience is a veteran there are so many cricketers like sir Donald bradman and vivian Richard but according to me kapil is the most successful cricketer in this world

Which cricketer scored 29 centuries in his Test career?

A total of 29 Test centuries have been scored by Australian Don Bradman and, as of August 2010, Indian batsman Rahul Dravid. Seven players have scored more centuries as of the time of writing, with Sachin Tendulkar having scored the most, a total of 48.

Who scored more in a world cup final match?

The most goals scored in a world cup is 15 by the Brazilian Ronaldo.

Who made the most runs in professional cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar has the most runs of any international cricket player. He has scored over 10000 runs in both Test matches and One day internationls. He is closely followed by Brian Lara who again has scored over 10000 runs in both forms of the game.

Was there a cricketer who scored more than 36 runs in a cricket over?

technically no, as the batter can only score a maximum of 36 runs, no more. any other runs would have to be obtained through the bowler bowling a no ball. this being added to the batters score for the over, but not actually scored by the batter himself.