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Q: What country introduced the volleyball quick set?
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What is a back 1 in volleyball?

If you are talking about a quick set right behind the setter... like a weakside quick... it's called an A....

What is the quicker in volleyball?

A quick set in volleyball is when the setter sets the middle player at a very low height to surprise the other team at the speed of the ball.

What does a 31 in volleyball mean?

A 31 is a type of set. It is usally a quick set about 1 foot above the net. It is set in between the middle front and outside hitter positions.

Can you set a serve in volleyball?


Who once set out to transform the country is a relative clause?

Yes, that is a relative clause, introduced by the relative pronoun, who. Examples:The men who set out to transform the country did make some mistakes.The railroads were built by those who set out to transform the country.

The first 'quick'' play in volleyball?

A "1". When the pass is perfect, your setter can barely set it, making it about half a foot above her head, right into the hands of your middle hitter.

What is an idiom for volleyball?

set, spike

Why would you set a volleyball?

You set a vollyball when it is above your head.

Is it legal to set the serve in volleyball?

yes you can set a serve.

How far can you kick a volleyball?

u bump set spike and serve a volleyball, not kick it.

Are setters in volleyball a good position?

Yes, setters are a very important position in volleyball. The setter should have the best sets on the team. They should be quick moving so they can get to the ball and as many balls as they can as fast as they can, and at they same time making a decent set to hit.

Who has the second hit in volleyball?

It is called the set.

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