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I believe it the UNC

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Q: What college mens basketball team has sent the most players to the NBA?
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Which university has the most college basketball wins?

Kentucky in mens

Team with most mens college basketball wins?


Which college has won the most ncaa mens basketball divsion 1 championships?


What school has the most wins since the year 2000 in mens college basketball?


What college is has the most basketball players in the NBA 2012?


Who has the most wins as a college basketball coach and what year?

for mens division 1, bobby night

What schools in college basketball have the most wins alltime?

for mens bball it is Kentucky no ucla for womens college bball-Tennessse

Which college basketball team has produced the most NBA players?


What college basketball program has the most players with an nba title?

North Carolina

What state produce the most college basketball players?

Either Cali or New York or Texas

Who has most ncaa mens basketball titles?


What college sport team has the most white players?

Brigham Young University annually has the most white players on both their football and basketball teams. Northwestern University has the second most.