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for mens bball it is Kentucky no ucla

for womens college bball-Tennessse

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Q: What schools in college basketball have the most wins alltime?
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What is the alltime winningest college basketball team has most wins as of 2009?

The University of Kentucky Wildcats

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Football this sport brings more money to its schools

Which duke or Ohio state most win ncaa basketball?

Duke has more alltime wins. The Blue Devils are fourth in historical wins.

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duke or notre dame college basketball most win series??

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There are around 1000 NCAA basketball schools in total, with 351 schools in 32 Division I basketball conferences. There are also other divisions, but only Division I gets shown on TV, and contains most of the players that go into the NBA.

Most fans in college basketball?

university of Kentucky

What are the most popular college sports?

Football Basketball

Who has the record for the most college basketball wins?

the celtics

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