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Q: What school has the most wins since the year 2000 in mens college basketball?
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Which college basketball teams have the most wins since 2000?

college of wooster

List of most wins in college basketball since 2000?


Who are the top ten winningest college basketball programs since 2000?

Since 2000, Duke and North Carolina are two of the top winningest college basketball programs. Other top ten winningest programs include Kansas, UConn, Florida, Michigan State, Maryland, Syracuse, UCLA, and UT.

What are the top five college basketball teams since the year 2000 with the most wins?

Florida, Duke, Arizona, Connecticut, North Carolina

Where did Josh Powell play college basketball?

Josh Powell played college basketball for North Carolina State University from 2000-2003. He went undrafted after college and most recently played professional basketball in Greece.

When was The High School at Moorpark College created?

The High School at Moorpark College was created in 2000.

Which basketball conference has won the most titles since 2000?


Who has the most college basketball wins?

Kentucky has the most wins in college basketball. because last year Kentucky was the first team to wins over 2000 basketball games in college basketball and are still adding on more wins as the years go on. not Louisville, not UNC, not even Duke.

What NCAA program has the most wins since 2000 in mens basketball?


When was Bispham High School Arts College created?

Bispham High School Arts College was created in 2000.

Most college football wins since 2000?


Which men's basketball team has the most number of wins?

Division 1: University of Kentucky; first college basketball program to reach 2000 wins. Division 2: Kentucky Wesleyan College

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