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They wear a special pair of Wrestling shoes and a spandex outfit called a singlet which combines both shorts and a shirt

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Q: What clothes do Olympic wrestlers wear?
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Why didn't ancient Greek wrestlers wear clothes?

All athletes contested naked, so too did the wrestlers.

When did Olympic athletes start to wear clothes?


What the clothing was in the ancient olympic games?

they were naked! or sometimes they had those things sumo wrestlers wear.

Do wrestlers wear underwear?

Most wrestlers don't wear underwear.

What clothes did they wear in th 1896 olympic games?

nothing ha ha ha

Why do sumo wrestlers hardly have any clothes?

Clothes gets in the way.

Why don't sumos wear clothes when wrestling?

Without real clothes, the Sumo wrestlers have more room to move about, and therefore, making it easier to tackle opponents. The thing they wear just covers them, and they are left with freedom to fight.

Do pro wrestlers wear cups?


Why do wrestlers wear trunks?

It is there uniform

What do WWE wrestlers wear?

They wear clothing! Have a nice day

Which athletes wear earguards and singlets?


What do wrestlers wear under their clothes? that's all you can wear under clothes! If you mean what do they wear under their ring attire, then some wear athletic supports (jockstrap) some wear normal undercrackers and some wear nothing......I'd say the ones that wear the tight leather/pvc shorts probably use a lot of talcum powder tho!

Why do most wrestlers wear wristbands?

Because they like to

What uniform do wrestlers wear?

It's called a singlet.

Why do female wrestlers wear leggings?

to protect there legs

What athletes wear singlets and ear guards?


Which wrestlers wear masks?

which wrestler wears a mask

Why do wrestlers wear headgear?

well, sometime Matt or more techniqual wrestlers, (not pro wrestlers) wear headgear is to prevent themselves from getting cauliflower ears from the Matt. (which basicly makes your ears big and puffy).

Do wrestlers from WWE compete in the Olympics?

No, professional wrestling is not an event in the Olympic Games.

What kind of clothes do australians wear?

They wear clothes

What clothes do inuits wear?

They wear winter clothes

What clothes do there wear?

They kill animals and wear it for there clothes

Did Mesopotamians wear clothes?

no they did not wear clothes

What clothes did roman farmers wear?

they wear CLOTHES

Do eagles wear clothes?

No, eagles do not wear clothes.