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Because they like to

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Q: Why do most wrestlers wear wristbands?
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Can kids wear power balance wristbands?

Yes. Anyone can wear power balance wristbands.

Why do most nba player wear silicone wristbands?

because they smell nice

What retail store sell paper wristbands?

Most stores do not sell paper wristbands. However, hospitals, theme parks, and fundraisers hand them out or insist you wear them.

Why do lebron James wear silicone wristbands?

his flop coach told him to wear it

What is something you wear that starts with a W?


What do college basketball players wear on their arm?

Some people wear sweatbands or wristbands, but not everyone does.

What is the most popular plastic wristbands for teenagers today?

WWJD wristbands are still the single most popular plastic wristbands. Alot of kids have different ones now, with bands names, causes, and other imprints.

Why are wristbands popular?

They allow one to know what you support without having to wear a shirt.

Which wrestlers wear masks?

which wrestler wears a mask

Which athletes wear both earguards and singlets?

wrestlers. They wear the earguards to protect themselves from cauloflower ear; which is a severe fungal growth on your ear from rubbing up against things, and wear singlets so their opponent has nothing to grab on to, to gain an advantage for a better throw

What are some companies that manufacture personalized wristbands?

Many companies manufacture personalized wristbands for their customers. Online, companies such as 24 Hour Wristbands, Wristbands with a Message, and Wristbands Now specialize in manufacturing custom wristbands.

Why do female wrestlers wear leggings?

It is there uniform