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It is there uniform

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to protect there legs

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Q: Why do female wrestlers wear leggings?
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What can men wear with leggings?

Men can wear leggings with T-shirts.

What can you wear with black and white floral leggings?

You can wear anything with black leggings. White leggings do not look good on anyone...don't ever wear them. You can wear a long shirt or mini dress with black leggings with heels or flats....simple

What do the Cayuga Tribe wear?

In cayuga some womens wear skirts and shirts with shorter leggings and mens wear breechcloths with leggings.

What can you wear with leggings?

You can wear a nice skirt or shorts on top of them. Also you can just wear a long nice shirt that flows and wear that with just the leggings.

What are the release dates for Female Wrestlers - 1907?

Female Wrestlers - 1907 was released on: USA: August 1907

Does it look good on girls if they wear leggings with ugg boots?

it depens on the leggings

Can guys wear leggings?

Leggings are currently worn by women and girls. Guys aren’t supposed to wear them in social situations. If you go to airports, stores, schools, or sporting events, its females who wear leggings. Guys are expected to wear pants or shorts. We live in a time period where women wear clothing like tights and leggings. Women like leggings. Guys aren’t supposed to be interested in wearing leggings. His girlfriend should be wearing them.

What are some items you wear starting with letter L?

* labels * lapels * lingerie* loafers * lipstick * leggings * lenseslipstick

What do wrestlers spank the female wrestlers?

there isn't at least of what i don't know

How do 13 year old boys wear leggings?

13 year old boys generally don’t wear leggings. Leggings are a form of tight and its girls who currently wear tights in society. In a few rare cases boys wear leggings for sports. When they are done with the sport they change out of their leggings. Girls and women wear leggings regularly. They wear them for both sports and fashion. Boys usually don’t wear leggings as daily fashion. They don’t want to be seen as dressing like girls. Boys also have a bulge in the groin area, which is considered indecent to show off in leggings. Society is used to women and girls in form fitting spandex. It is not as keen on boys displaying their legs and rears in leg hugging lycra.

If you wore a orange dress with rainbow leggings what shoes should you wear?

You could wear orange, or maybe a main color out of the rainbow leggings.

What should you wear to a one direction concert?

Don't wear anything that is too warm but take a light jacket with you. Wear leggings and a long top or a short dress that you could wear with leggings.