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to protect there legs

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Q: Why do female wrestlers wear leggings?
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What can men wear leggings with?

Men can wear leggings with T-shirts.

Do men wear leggings?

Guys can and do wear leggings. While it might not be such a usual sight for a guy to wear leggings out in town, it is very usual practice in certain sports for guys to wear leggings.

What should you wear for skating as a female beginner?

As a female beginner who will be going skating, you should wear clothing that will allow you to be flexible. Do not wear tight fitting denim but wear stretch leggings and a long sweater.

Do wrestlers wear underwear?

Most wrestlers don't wear underwear.

What do wrestlers spank the female wrestlers?

they don't

What can you wear with black and white floral leggings?

You can wear anything with black leggings. White leggings do not look good on anyone...don't ever wear them. You can wear a long shirt or mini dress with black leggings with heels or flats....simple

What colour underwear should you wear with leggings?

You shouldn't wear any underwear with leggings. It looks ugly!

How many raw wrestlers?

There Are 30 Wrestlers On Raw. 22 Male Wrestlers And 8 Female Wrestlers.

What do the Cayuga Tribe wear?

In cayuga some womens wear skirts and shirts with shorter leggings and mens wear breechcloths with leggings.

What can you wear with leggings?

You can wear a nice skirt or shorts on top of them. Also you can just wear a long nice shirt that flows and wear that with just the leggings.

Does it look good on girls if they wear leggings with ugg boots?

it depens on the leggings

What are the release dates for Female Wrestlers - 1907?

Female Wrestlers - 1907 was released on: USA: August 1907

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