Is an electic paintball gun better?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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No not all paintball markers are electric. For instance the Tippman 98', and 98'custom, one of the most reliable and trustworthy guns on the market, are not electric. However buying an electric marker does grant you some benefits. Serious paintballers use electric markers because they allow they to select and customise a mode of fire that best suits them. Some electric markers also have an "eye" which prevents the gun from firing unless a paintball is completely loaded into the chamber, this saves from the firing with no paintball in the chamber or when a paintball is not fully in the chamber. Electric hoppers also are used to more quickly feed balls into the chamber on higer end guns.

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Yes they are faster shooting and in general in better quality. Their only disadvantage is battery time and durability. But yes, they shoot faster, can use eyes to chop less paint, are more air efficient and can change firing modes. E markers are no less durable than their mechanical counterparts, the only markers that have a direct comparison are the entry level and autocockers since they each have both mechanical and electronic versions of the same markers. Having a e-frame on it doesn't make the internals more prone to breaking since they are the same internals in the body. As for the frame, you can just as easily snap a trigger pin as you can pinch a wire

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Q: Is an electic paintball gun better?
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