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Roger Clemens nickname is 'The Rocket'. roger clemens

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Q: What baseball pitcher is known as the Rocket?
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What is Bronson Arroyo most known for?

Bronson Arroyo is best known as a Major League Baseball starting pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds. He has previously played for the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Boston Red Sox.

Does the pitcher get an assist on a strikeout in baseball?


Has any pitcher throw the minimum pitches in baseball history?

No pitcher in baseball history has ever thrown the minimum of 27 pitches in a 9 inning game.

What is David Price known for?

David Price is a major league baseball player for the Tampa Bay Rays. He is a left-handed starting pitcher and is only 27 years old. He's been in major league baseball since 2008.

Who is a legend as a pitcher?

The most legendary pitcher is known as Connor O'Leary from Wisconsin. He is still in high school and is a beast

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What is Roger Clemens best known for?

Mister Roger Clemens is best known for being a baseball pitcher and his nickname 'The Rocket'. He has played for the Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays and the New York Yankees.

Which mlb pitcher was nicknamed the rocket?

The MLB pitcher that was nicknamed the "Rocket" was Roger Clemens.

Which position player is known as 1 on the baseball diamond?

The pitcher.

Which sportsman is associated with a rocket?

Former MLB pitcher, Roger Clemens, is nicknamed "The Rocket".

Dodger pitcher known as the preacher?

Was it Billy Sunday? He was a pro baseball player turned preacher.

What is the raised pitching area called?

The raised pitching area in baseball is called the pitcher's mound. It is positioned in the center of the infield and is elevated to give the pitcher a higher vantage point when throwing the ball.

What position in baseball would best describe a 'southpaw ace known for his yakker sweet cutter and Uncle Charlie off the hill'?


What is Stephen Strasburg known for?

Stephen Strasburg is most famously known for being a right handed baseball pitcher. He currently plays for the Washington Nationals in the National Leage of Baseball.

What is Jason Jennings known for?

Jason Jennings is known for being American professional baseball pitcher. He pitched in Major League Baseball for the Colorado Rockies, Houston Astros, and the Texas Rangers.

In baseball does the pitcher follow the instructions of the catcher?

No, in baseball the pitcher does not follow the instructions of the catcher.

How high is the pitcher's mound in college baseball?

What is the height of the pitcher's mound in college baseball

What position did Charlie Brown play on his baseball team?

Charlie Brown played pitcher on his baseball team.