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Q: What position in baseball would best describe a 'southpaw ace known for his yakker sweet cutter and Uncle Charlie off the hill'?
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What position in baseball did Charlie Brown play?


What position did Charlie Brown play on his baseball team?

Pitcher .

What position does Charlie Blackmon play?

Charlie Blackmon is a center fielder for the Colorado Rockies.

What position does Charlie Culberson play?

Charlie Culberson is a third baseman for the Colorado Rockies.

What position does Charlie Furbush play?

Charlie Furbush is a relief pitcher for the Seattle Mariners.

What position does Charlie Morton play?

Charlie Morton is a starting pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

What position does Charlie Whitehurst play?

Charlie Whitehurst plays Quarterback for the Tennessee Titans.

What position does Charlie Coyle play?

Charlie Coyle plays center for the Minnesota Wild.

Who was Charlie Brown's favorite baseball player?

Charlie Brown's baseball hero was Joe Shlabotnik.

When was Charlie Byrne - baseball - born?

Charlie Byrne - baseball - was born in 1843.

When did Charlie Byrne - baseball - die?

Charlie Byrne - baseball - died in 1898.

Who wrote travels with charlie and describe charlie?

it was by john Steinbeck and what he was Ike wAS A QIUTED older man

What position does Charlie Villanueva play?

Charlie Villanueva plays power forward for the Detroit Pistons.

What position does Charlie Leesman play?

Charlie Leesman is a starting pitcher for the Chicago White Sox.

What position does Charlie Johnson play?

Charlie Johnson plays Offensive Tackle for the Minnesota Vikings.

How did the people in the crowd describe charlie?

lucky boy!!!!

Who played the catcher on Charlie Browns baseball team?

The catcher on Charlie Brown's baseball team was Schroeder.

When was Charlie Fisher - baseball - born?

Charlie Fisher - baseball - was born on 1852-03-10.

When did Charlie Fisher - baseball - die?

Charlie Fisher - baseball - died on 1917-02-18.

When was Charlie Johnson - baseball - born?

Charlie Johnson - baseball - was born on 1885-03-12.

When did Charlie Johnson - baseball - die?

Charlie Johnson - baseball - died on 1940-08-28.

When did Charlie Mason - baseball - die?

Charlie Mason - baseball - died on 1936-10-21.

When was Charlie Mason - baseball - born?

Charlie Mason - baseball - was born on 1853-06-25.

When was Charlie Sullivan - baseball - born?

Charlie Sullivan - baseball - was born on 1903-05-23.

When did Charlie Sullivan - baseball - die?

Charlie Sullivan - baseball - died on 1935-05-28.