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Deion Sanders played for both the San Francisco 49ers (1994) and the San Francisco Giants (1995).

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Q: What athlete played baseball for the San Francisco Giants and pro football for the San Francisco 49ers?
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Where do the New York Giants play baseball?

Actually, the San Francisco Giants play baseball in San Francisco. The NY Giants (football) have a stadium in the Bronx.

Are the giamts a baseball or football team?

both, there are the new york football giants, and the san francisco basball giants

Are the New York Giants a football team or a baseball team?

Currently the New York Giants are a football team. There was also a New York Giants baseball team that moved to San Francisco in 1958.

When did the giants start?

The San Francisco Baseball Giants existed since 1958.The New York Baseball Giants existed since 1883.The New York Football Giants existed since 1925.

who is number 62 from giants?

It depends on which giants you are talking about: New York Giants (football) or San Francisco Giants (baseball). If you are talking about football, then number 62 is Conrad Goode. If you are talking about baseball, number 62 has been worn by Bob Howry, Wilson Delgado, and Jacob Cruz.

Which athlete was known as Stretch and was a first baseman for the San Francisco Giants?

Willie McCovey

What is the baseball home team for San Francisco?

The San Francisco Giants

Are the San Francisco Giants a baseball team?

Yes. The San Francisco Giants are a baseball team that plays in the National League West division.

What kind of sport do the giants play?

The San Francisco Giants are a major league baseball team playing in the National League West division. The New York Giants are a National Football League team that plays in the National Football Conference East division.

What sports do Giants Oilers and Cardinals play?

Giants and Cardinals are both football and baseball teams. In football, there are the New York Giants and the Arizona Cardinals. In baseball, there are the San Francisco Giants and the St. Louis Cardinals. As for the Oilers , there are the Edmonton Oilers in the National Hockey League. Also the Houston Oilers were a football team that moved to Nashville in the 90's to become the Tennessee Titans where they remain today.

What is the name of the team in San Francisco?

San Francisco has two teams - the San Francisco Giants (baseball) and the San Francisco 49ers (football). Other local teams include the San Jose Sharks (hockey), the Golden State Warriors (basketball), the Oakland Raiders (football), the Oakland Atheltics (baseball), and the San Jose Earthquakes (soccer).

Why did they pick the name giants for the baseball team the San Francisco Giants?

The San Francisco Giants aren't an original team. They got the name "Giants" from the New York Giants, in which they were originally based in.

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