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Yes. The San Francisco Giants are a Baseball team that plays in the National League West division.

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Q: Are the San Francisco Giants a baseball team?
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What is the baseball home team for San Francisco?

The San Francisco Giants

Why did they pick the name giants for the baseball team the San Francisco Giants?

The San Francisco Giants aren't an original team. They got the name "Giants" from the New York Giants, in which they were originally based in.

What year did the GIANTS baseball team move to San Francisco?


What is John Battelle's favorite baseball team?

The San Francisco Giants

What is the name of the baseball team the Giants?

The San Francisco Giants (formerly the New York Giants before 1958).

Are the New York Giants a football team or a baseball team?

Currently the New York Giants are a football team. There was also a New York Giants baseball team that moved to San Francisco in 1958.

What is a name for a major team baseball team that start with the letter g?

San Francisco Giants

Which baseball team is located nearan ocean?

The San Francisco Giants park is literally right next to the San Francisco bay.

Who owns the San Francisco Giants baseball team?

Charles B. Johnson

What is the team salary for the San Francisco Giants?

The San Francisco Giants's 2014 team salary is $147738612, 6th in the MLB.

What baseball team is misspelled Milwaukee Brewers san frisisco giants or minnasota twins?

The San Francisco Giants and the Minnesota Twins were mispelled.

What Oregon baseball team is associated with the San Francisco Giants?

The Salem-Keizer Volcanoes are a minor league baseball team in Keizer, Oregon, United States that is an affiliate of the San Francisco Giants.

Are the giamts a baseball or football team?

both, there are the new york football giants, and the san francisco basball giants

When did the giants become a baseball team?

In New York in 1883. The Giants moved to San Francisco after the 1957 season.

What is a major baseball league team that starts with the letter G?

San Francisco Giants

What was Elvis Presley's favorite baseball team?

San Francisco Giants?

Where do the Giants practice?

The San Francisco Giants' home field is AT&T Park in San Francisco during baseball season. The team does their Spring training at Scottsdale Stadium in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Where do the New York Giants play baseball?

Actually, the San Francisco Giants play baseball in San Francisco. The NY Giants (football) have a stadium in the Bronx.

Were the Gothams and the Giants the same team?

Yes, they were. The New York Giants baseball team, now known as the San Francisco Giants, were originally known as the New York Gothams.

Giants major league baseball team based in which west coast city?

San Francisco

What major league baseball team has won the most games ever?

San Francisco Giants

NFL team with same name as Major League Baseball team?

New York Giants- NFL San Francisco Giants- MLB

What has the author Nick Peters written?

Nick Peters has written: 'Miracle at Candlestick!' -- subject(s): History, San Francisco Giants (Baseball team), World Series (Baseball) (1993) 'The San Francisco Giants'

Whats your favorite baseball team?

The New York Yankees. The San Francisco Giants.

What athlete played baseball for the San Francisco Giants and pro football for the San Francisco 49ers?

Deion Sanders played for both the San Francisco 49ers (1994) and the San Francisco Giants (1995).