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The training characteristics of young athletes is a good attitude. And to play the sport good.

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Q: What are the training characteristics of young athletes?
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Why is plyometric training not recommended for young athletes?


How were athletes trained in ancient Greece?

Mainly, the answer is: everyone was trained when they were young kids by training in every sport.

What has the author Bob Hoffman written?

Bob Hoffman has written: 'Weight training for athletes' 'Better athletes through weight training'

Who were the ancient Olympics athletes?

The athletes of the ancient Olympics were young Greek men.

What has the author William J Maitland written?

William J. Maitland has written: 'Young ballplayer's guide to safe pitching' 'Weight Training for Gifted Athletes'

What sport is weight training used in?

Weight training is used in every sport to get stronger and develop athleticism. Weight training is an essential part of every athletes success. A good weight training program is what makes championship athletes and teams.

How much money do athletes put into training?

Athletes put lots of money in training I play hockey and I'm 12 and my parents have a lot cold hard cash on me

Where do Russia's athletes train?

The Russian athletes train at training camp held by their Russian Sports Ministry.

What has the author Lucinda A Frederickson written?

Lucinda A. Frederickson has written: 'The effects of training on the iron status of young women cross country runners' -- subject(s): Women athletes, Training, Running for women, Iron in the body

Who benefits most from interval training?

All types of athletes benefit most from interval training.

Where do most athletes get their training?

Mostly from coaches or trainers. If an athlete is at a specail event such as a team training camp then they get it from there. Some athletes make plans, and follow them, giving themselves training. Also there are sites like that can give you training plans. good luck!

Why are bones of trained athletes may be visibly thicker and heavier than those of non-athletes?

Bone mass and strength increase as a result of training.

What types of foods should be included in the best training diet for athletes?

protein is the essential nutrient for an athletes. by Dagne Abraham.

What are the 4 major methods of training an athlete?

Athletes need skill training, mental/psychological training, aerobic training, and anaerobic training. A good coach will teach all four.

How many pro athletes are still in sport training camps?

All of them.

What is the percentage of young athletes dying?

19 percent

Who can benefit from interval training?

All athletes, regardless of the sport or event in which they compete

What is Characteristics of Young Donkey?

There are many characteristics of a young donkey. Young donkeys for example will likely be very energetic for a few years.

How can athletes safely add muscle tissue?

Athletes can safely add muscle tissue by working out and eating right. Weight training is often used by athletes to increase muscle mass.

How did the ancient olympic athletes train?

Ancient Olympic athletes trained in their home towns. They were often trained by former athletes and the training often involved sparring, grappling, boxing, and wrestling.

Why do athletes engage in cross training?

because it helps them get in top physical shape and most sports require cross training

What is the operating life of the Fitlight before recharging is required?

The batteries have a minimum 4 hour operating life before they are required to be recharged. light training reaction lights reaction training tool reaction training reflex training tool reaction training reflex training tool training products for athletes training products for athletes speed training system advanced sports training equipment speed training products speed training system sports training systems sports training systems advanced sports training equipment

Do Athletes in endurance sports need more protein than athletes in attempting to build strength?

Both athletes need almost equivalent portions of protein during the training phase. This is because protein is used primarily to repair the damage to muscle fibers during training. Endurance athletes and strength athletes damage their muscles in different ways however, which leads to the formation of differing types of musculature.

How did the athletes prepare for the ancient olympic games?

a ten month session of training

What are the benfits of resistance training?

all athletes, regardless of the sport or event in which they complete