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Q: What are the three professional Arizona sports teams?
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What us state has only three pro sports teams?

Wisconsin has three professional sports teams: the Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Brewers and Milwaukee Bucks Tennessee has three professional sports teams: the Tennessee Titans, Nashville Predators and Memphis Grizzlies Indiana has three professional sports teams: the Indiana Pacers, Indiana Fever and Indianapolis Colts. North Carolina has three professional sports teams: Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Bobcats and Carolina Hurricanes.

What US city has three professional sport teams with the name of a bird?

Baltimore, Maryland has 3 professional sports teams with the name of a bird. The Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore Ravens, and Baltimore Nighthawks. Also, Atlanta, GA has 3 professional sports teams named after birds. The Hawks (NBA), Falcons(NFL), and Thrashers(NHL).

What are the three sports teams in Milwaukee?

Professional teams include the Milwaukee Bucks (basketball), Milwaukee Brewers (baseball) and Milwaukee Admirals (hockey) there is also a professional soccer team (Milwaukee Wave) well one is the badgers

What are the 3 Kentucky's sport teams?

The three Kentucky's sports teams arebasketballfootballsoccer

What are three professional sport teams in California?

Three professional sport teams in California are: the L.A. Lakers, the San Fransisco 49'ers, and the L.A. Dodgers

What are three professional sports in Florida and what are the names of their teams?

Here are four professional sports/teams in Florida:Football (NFL) - Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jacksonville JaguarsBaseball (MLB) - Miami Marlins, Tampa Bay RaysBasketball (NBA) - Miami Heat, Orlando MagicHockey (NHL) - Florida Panthers, Tampa Bay Lightning

What city has three professional sports teams with the same team colors?

Toronto, Canada. The teams are the Toronto Maple leafs (blue), the Toronto Blue Jays (blue [obviously!]) and their CFL (Canadian Football League) team, the Toronto Argonauts (blue). Pittsburgh also has three sports teams (NHL - Penguins, MLB - Pirates, NFL - Steelers) that are all Black and Yellow. Giggity.

What three NFL teams are named after their state?

Arizona Cardinals, Tennessee Titans, and Minnesota Vikings.

What are the three most popular professional sports in the US?

The most popular sports in the us are football baseball and basketball.

What is the only city in which all of its major league sports teams have the same color?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the only city in the U.S. with three sports teams that all wear the same colors.

How many professional sports teams are there in New Jersey?

Technically there are three Major league professional teams in New Jersey. Hockey has the New Jersey Devils (NHL). The New York Giants and New York Jets are named as they are, but both play in East Rutherford, New Jersey. There are minor league baseball teams that play in New Jersey that are considered professional (they get paid). Somerset has one. Trenton Thunder (Yankees AA).

How many Football teams with bird names?

Three. Arizona Cardinals, Baltimore Ravens, and Philadelphia Eagles.

What are the three professional sports teams in Canada?

baseball Toronto blue jayshockey Toronto maple leafs Montreal canadiansfootball Winnipeg blue bombers Calgary stampeders bc lions Edmonton eskimos

What three professional sport teams are not associated with a state?

Washington Capitals, Washington Nationals, Washington Redskins

What person has multiple championship rings with three different teams in two different sports?

Bo Jackson

Who are three professional women in sports?

Venus Williams and Serena Williams in tennis and Lorena Ochoa in golf.

What two days of the year are professional sports not played?

For the United States:There are actually professional sports being played on every day of the year. There are two days in which there are no popularmen's professional sports being played, however (which many count as no professional sports being played), which are the day before and the day after the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. During those two days, the major male professional sports of basketball, football, hockey, and baseball are at rest. The other professional sports being played include tennis, soccer, and women's professional basketball.For Other Countries:Not every country is the same in regards to professional sports schedules. In Australia, for example, Christmas, Boxing Day, and Good Friday are three days when professional sports are not played. It depends on the country.

Has another team ever beaten three other No 1 seeds in the NCAA Tournament?

Arizona was the first to beat three No 1 seed teams in a NCAA Tournament.

Which three states have only one team in the four major professional sports leagues?

Oklahoma, Oregon, and Utah.

What are three professional sport teams in Canada?

Ottawa Senators - Hockey Toronto Blue Jays - Baseball Montreal Canadians - Hockey

Has any one athlete ever played three professional sports?

Jim Thorpe played professional baseball, football, and basketball (although the basketball team was not a member of the NBA).

What is the most aggressive professional sport in the world?

Rugby, American football, and soccer are considered the three most aggressive professional sports in the world. This answer is more of an opinion than a fact.

What are three major universities in Arizona?

Arizona State UniversityNorthern Arizona UniversityUniversity of Arizona.

For which American football teams did Boomer Esiason play?

Boomer Esiason played for three teams from 1984 to 1997. He started and ended with the Cincinnati Bengals, second was with the New York Jets, and third was the Arizona Cardinals.

What three professional US sport teams names aren't associated with a state?

Tortonto Raptors,Toronto Blue Jays, and Seattle Mariners